[Startup] Evil Twinning

easterncalculus 673

Straightforward Ken "Express" Tenma: Disappeared Clone + Prepaid VoicePAD + The Twinning deck, built for the Dublin H1 Circuit Opener.

Gameplan involves getting our minimum suite set up which consists of:

Then we can run regularly on centrals with our events and build up multi-access counters with which to close the game. If you're worried about losing breakers in the matchup, it might be pertinent to install all 3 first if any are still in hand at this point, though we do have one Katorga Breakout in case of rigshooting.

If suspecting a Tag-and-Bag kill deck, make sure to slap down those No Free Lunches and stick at 4 cards or more in hand - in a different meta, it might be ok to swap these out for additional Legworks or Mutual Favors.

This deck contains no Jailbreak and very few 0-cost events (1x Mutual Favor and 2x Career Fair) to try and capitalise on the value of our Prepaid VoicePADs as much as possible

WAKE Implant v2A-JRJ + The Twinning + The Maker's Eye = 8-card access on R&D. Did somebody say Deep Dive?

Finally one last point is that against grinder decks that we can't run against, Carpe Diem is an amazing economy card already, especially if we have Prepaid VoicePAD as it jumps us from 0 to 5 - much better than a Sure Gamble!

19 Mar 2023 B4ngerang

Hi easterncalculus, I really like the deck idea. One idea which came to my mind: since this a very aggressive deck for early running and the main win condition seems to be central access, why not include Tunnel vision? That way you don’t need to wait for all three breakers but can run very early against any ICE on centrals.