Rotage1 - 5-0 at my local SC (10 people)

TugtetguT 1946

This deck started out as Moonatic v1.1 and gradually turned into this bland version of Moomins that did really well even without VLC.

I was expecting Pirate Hayley and Geist to be popular, but ended up facing only one of the two - a Pirate in round 4 of Swiss.

MU's were Adam, Apocalypse Kim, Crazy Leela, Pirate Hayley and Leela again in the Finals.

The lack of Film critics and Hacktivist Meetings are a huge plus for the deck, but if Rashida reinstates Moon spam these cards won't be gone for long.

3 Apr 2018 rotage

Congrats on the result, yeah Moons isn't a bad meta call at the moment, and playing a proper Moons deck is an even better idea then my nonsense decks :)

7 Apr 2018 firesa

congrats! What gets cut for rashida? And how does the deck end up winning eventually? mostly lakshmi and build a mini server otherwise? Or I guess a combo of jeeves and biotic and stuff like that would do it..hmm...

8 Apr 2018 TugtetguT

Thanks :) @firesa My first pick for cuts would be the Tech Startups plusVanilla and see how that feels. Or maybe the blacklist..