Mirrormorph Antivirus - American Championships Top 16 (5-2)

Jose-san 176

This is the corp deck I used for the 2020 American Championships. I wanted to play ASA, but I didn't have any time to test decks prior to the tournament, soy I picked a deck I already knew and was comfortable with. I used this deck in the last Spanish Nationals and worked just fine. In the BLM tournament I was wrecked with practically the same decks though. So go figure. In this tournament I only did lose two games with this deck, the one previous to the cut and the one in the cut. So 5-2 during the weekend.

Some streams of the first day:



For this tournament I was a bit scared about tapwrms and turtles so I loaded some antivirus tech, added a crisium and adjusted the ice suite. After playing the tournament, I think I would remove one SSL because it was a liability and swap Bass for another NGO.

The deck is pretty straight forward. Try to take advantage of extra click every turn, protect centrals, build a remote with Jinja to advance MCA from there, FA agendas and Restore MCA or use Vitruvius tokens.

I had a great time and I was utterly surprised making the cut. I was low on SOS because I splitted the first two rounds, but I got a big bump on SOS in the last two rounds.

Many thanks to NISEI for organizing this events and keeping the game alive ^^

3 Aug 2020 vesper

Best Mirrormorph on the day <3 Good stuff! Congratulations :-)

3 Aug 2020 Jose-san

Thanks, it was an amazing event :)