Sports Design v2 (1st GNK Brno)

Longi 1651

This is basically the deck that won Hungarian Nationals. It was designed by @Odol who transferred the famous PD build into Sportsmetal ID.

Whether it really is better than PD is hard to say but I wanted to try this out and I must admit it feels really strong. It is generally richer than PD and the draw 2 cards ability allows you to push forward. @Trismagistos and @Mildesorte took it to the same tournament and we all ended in top 3.

The changes I made were as follows:

+1 Anoetic Void, +1 Drafter, +1 Hagen

-1 Border Control, -1 Spin Doctor, -1 Macrophage (I dislike this one in rush strategies in general, besides, the probability of scoring Sandbox early is smaller wit this deck).

@Mildesorte made no changes in Odol´s deck, @Trismagistor played basically the same version I did (he just slightly adjusted ice suite). We will definitely keep testing this beast.