The Gamer’s Gauntlet Startup Format (4th in Early Bird)

Koschei 140

This deck utilizes a lot of taxing ice to slowly drain the runner’s economy. It also gives a nice drip to you, should the runner keep hitting ice like Gold Farmer and Rime. Afshar is a particularly solid inclusion in a deck that gains money from the runner losing/spending it.

NAPD Cordon - Protects a vulnerable agenda in a remote. It’s also useful if you find yourself flooded and need a turn to Spin Doctor them away.

SYNC Rerouting - Serves a similar purpose, but can also help you stabilize against high pressure.

Anoetic Void - Pairs nicely with Spin Doctor, since he gives you another couple cards for an extra ETR. Best buddies with SYNC Rerouting.

Game Over & Roughneck Repair Squad - Trash their stuff (WAY more satisfying than Punitive, IMO), then gain money and wipe the bad pub away!

Mulligan for non-Rime ice and money, then try to build up a nasty scoring remote that will magnify the effectiveness of Anoetic Void. Happy Hunting!!