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Hello! In the run up to Worlds, NSG are running a series of Eternal events to get people introduced to the wild high powered world of Netrunner's largest format. To help, I'm publishing a series of Eternal lists to give folks a taster for what the format has to offer and ideas of where to go with your own Eternal deckbuilding! I'll link them all below for ease of reference. Enjoy and hope to see you all Siphoning and Violet Level Clearance-ing soon!

Other Eternal Lists

Brain Rewiring CI

Bladderwort IG

Butchershop NEH

Asset Ob

Reg Andy

Laguna Lock Hayley

What does DLR Maxx do?

Points Used:

Account Siphon 3pts

Data Leak Reversal 2pts

Déjà Vu 1pt

Hacktivist Meeting 1pt

Who doesn't love Maxx? The beloved punk rocker sticking it to the system is here with a criminal element in Eternal. Eternal is the land of the fast and furious and Maxx shines here. Siphon Maxx is a deck from Netrunner's past that turns out, still strong, especially with a couple of small boosts in the form of Steelskin Scarring and Strike Fund, both of which proc off of Maxx's ID ability. The goal here is pretty straightforward: play Account Siphon as much as possible, using Déjà Vu, Same Old Thing and Katorga Breakout to get it back multiple times and Eater to guarantee you drain those creds. Once you've done that, follow up with a Data Leak Reversal and Joshua B. to run the corp out of cards.

This deck can get some pretty potent starts and can establish a very aggressive money lock. You also have the Tag Me Package of Wireless Net Pavilion, Paparazzi and Fall Guy to stop your opponent from dismantling your board or punishing you for taking tags. And yes, you're taking tags. Don't be tempted to clear them, that's not what we're in the business of doing. This deck is really strong at disrupting combo decks, especially CI. You have a bit of worry into Butchershop or Asset Ob but it's not the end of the world, and some more careful play can navigate you through those tougher matchups.

If you have any questions about this list or eternal in general, feel free to comment below, check out the #eternal channel on the GLC discord, or hit me up on discord! I'm always happy to talk about my favourite format.

Thanks and hopefully see y'all playing some more Eternal soon!