Colorful Ob - 2nd, 17 Player Circuit Opener

YsengrinSC 644

This is an evolution of my old MalObCombo list. If your goal is just to win with a consistent deck that's well positioned against the field, you should probably play PE.

But I wanted to play Ob in this event. So I was going to find a way to make it work. With Endurance banned I felt like the Reg Anarch and Crim matchups should be slightly favored with the basic shell. Being able to Fast Advance out wins with Biotic Labor and Audacity after rushing just 2 points behind ice meant they would have a really tricky time.

But Grey Tongue was a serious problem (it's also what I played + 1 Time Bomb). The deck milled out 4 agendas or combo pieces too quickly, and the local meta preferred playing versions that dropped Botulus for Bankhar which made trying to push in early remotes pretty difficult. So i tried to decide and push the deck to see how much Esa tech I could include, to see if I could shore that matchup. I figured about half the field would be Esa (it ended up only being 1/3) so including tech felt worth it.

And this is why it's Colorful Ob - you're trying to counter a Grey deck XD

So here is the tech and the rationale:

  1. Crisium Grid - this is the first line tech you want because it has nice applications in a lot of different matchups. Stuffs both Chastushka and DooF, and in theory is good Stargate/Counter Surveillance tech as well. Being able to fetch it off a Border Control is quite impactful.
  2. End of the Line - Esa's often go low on handsize. This means you can compress the combo to require less pieces (though not really less money) - Biotic Labor, MAD , EotL costly only 1 credit less than Boom!, but is resilient to trashing, which is a nice little upside.
  3. Because I was running EotL, Veritas and Mausolus both got slots in the list as the single tag would be a significant hit
  4. Hard-Hitting News & Gaslight - This was the other piece of Esa punishment. The decks often stay quite low to the ground, relying on keeping the corp down. So this allowed me to exploit windows in 1 game. Is this consistent? Absolutely not. This was very much a cheese strategy, I've been playing no HHN Ob for a long time (on stream and locally), so I figured I'd conditioned everyone to not play around it, so that would maybe give me just enough to make it work. And it did! In one game, and then was pretty much dead the rest of the time.