PanicPD (2nd @ AMT April 2023)

rubenpieters 98

I decided to play in the AMT the evening before and, as always, I didn't know what Corp to bring. I brought this PD list I had on my jnet for some time (I might have copied it from somewhere, but I don't remember where). Even though it performed quite well, the deck can definitely be tuned better to the meta, I was wishing Crisium Grid was a Mavirus the whole tournament. The ice suite was also quite miserable against Jinsei's Aumakua/Leech/Devil Charm setup.

Thanks to all the players, organizers, judges, casters, .. at AMT. And congratulations to Jinsei for the win, bringing awesome decks and being a very respectable pilot.

21 Apr 2023 jonatho

Thanks for the game! Not bad for a panic list.

3 Jun 2023 celinedion

Great! Congratulations driving) directions