d1en's Yellow Railgun (Top 16 Worlds 2016)

d1en 3413

Choo Choo

Hello friends, we're back at it again with more scum bag tactics that you could bring to your local World Championships! This is my deck list that I had played this year for Worlds, and it could not have been tinkered and accomplished without the support of the Toronto Lakehouse Collective. Major shouts out to Sungho Lee, Mikhail Honoridez, Adam Marostica, Terence Lui, Aaron Celovsky, Tatsuya Morita-Ahad, Mathew Kumar, Timothy Chan, Daniel Joseph and Luke Simcoe. That was the team that helped make it happen that weekend and without them, we would not have discovered the various outs this deck had. Special mention also goes to the Colorado Team; I had a chance to play them in the Icebreaker, and we had almost card for card the same deck. They opted for Lily Lockwell and Disposable HQ; I opted for options to kill players through their Plascrete and I've Had Worse.

Which goes on to say, not a single Whizzard left alive Day 1. Better yet, the game on stream where I had attempted to do a 0% chance win line against Wes Odom? That had a 100% line to win, had I been a combolord like @miek and @wyrm. I had gone into Worlds knowing that Whizzard was going to be the matchup to beat, and I slotted Subliminal Messaging and Interns in the deck for it.

Dream State

"Wait, what does that do" you may ask? It allows you to go deeper in the dream, further down the levels of the subconscious. One level is not enough; against pesky Anarchs, you need a stronger sedative to realize your true potential. It allows me to form two piles that can blast through 2 Plascretes, any amount of I've Had Worse, and 5 cards or less in hand before the Double BOOM! goes off. The combo goes as such:

1) Install Jackson

2) Power Shutdown

3) Shuffle Interns, Subliminal Messaging, 24/7 News Cycle

4) Accelerated Diagnostics, gaining a 4th click from Subliminal, Interns Jackson

5) Shuffle Salem's Hospitality, BOOM!, BOOM!

6) Salem's call "I've Had Worse", Railgun to the face

One of my best moments was having Dave Hoyland face me round 3 of Worlds. He just got off hot of a game where I trashed his Sensei Actor's Union 7 times before I lost. Dave had a Plascrete and 2 I've Had Worse in hand with 5 cards. He made a run on a bait Jackson Howard server. After a few other clicks of doing other things, I looked at Dave, and in the softest voice, I whispered,

"I got you Dave."


"Yup, I got you."

"Show me."

......POST COMBO.....

"I don't know what I did wrong."

"You ran."

"I have to run, that's the point of the game!"

Shout outs to Dave Hoyland, for being a great sport and friend over these past three years.

A few things to note about cards in the deck:

-You need 3 AD. They are there for a reason; you want to see the pieces, and more importantly if you're facing Anarch, seeing two of them ASAP is important.

-Anonymous Tip, Install new remote, Special Report has to be a all time favourite turn of mine. It makes the deck so consistent and fast where it enabled me turn 3 wins at Worlds.

-Sensei Actors Union is surprisingly a great late game card. Nick Hansen suggested that I put them back into the deck, and late game it is the card that allows you to mill to 0 if the Runner isn't running. If the Runner runs it, then he enables the Power Shutdown to go off.

-I explained this to the Colorado Team, and it was to change up the ICE suite to have simple gear checks as to buy you enough time for the combo pieces. Expensive ICE can hurt, even a 4 cost Data Raven takes precious money away from your combo threat. The only ICE I was willing to make it happen here was Little Engine, and it won me plenty of games because of its ridiculous cost to match.

-Restructured Datapool, yes I put it in. I was stolen once by Dave, and never seen again.

Overall, I'm happy with this deck and happy I took it to Worlds. During Day 1, after handing in my results from Round 1, I realized it had the typo "Dien Train". I was considering to change it, but after contemplating, I realized it was a calling. That there were going to be no brakes on this train, and we were going to have to go fast.

13 Nov 2016 cursor

What's the solution to NACH?

13 Nov 2016 d1en

Install two agendas, and hope they run both in the same turn lol

13 Nov 2016 beyoken

Why didn't this win Worlds. Would totally buy full bleed Restructured Datapool..

In all seriousness though, congrats on the strong showing and on solving shutdown NEH!

13 Nov 2016 Cerberus

This deck is great. The player is a Scumlord!

Dien, our games were amazing, and our regular chats even better. You are awesome, and a huge reason I keep coming back to Worlds.


13 Nov 2016 ANRguybrush

First, congratz and well played.

Second, why the 3x24/7 news cycle when one is sufficient?

13 Nov 2016 moistloaf

it's a scary deck folks

14 Nov 2016 percomis

@guy.brushmy guess would be to use the extras to get rid of Hades Shard (or any other annoying resource, not sure if there are any) before you combo out. And for the optional "I scored a BN and something else, got a 24/7 and Boom in hand so I can kill you" scenarios I think.

14 Nov 2016 d1en

@guy.brush It's to use them normally when needed if you need to kill Hades Shard, force Runner to pop Hoppers early, or just to flat out use BOOM! to either kill the Runner or pop counters off Plascrete Carapace.

14 Nov 2016 jawZ

Best BOOM! Combo deck I've seen so far, Anonymous Tip with Special Report in NEH is crazy good. Just a question regarding the ICE: Why did you opt into not playing a sentry gear check, like Cobra?

14 Nov 2016 tvaduva

What's the 100% line to combo Wes game? Use Sensie to stack the cards you want in the combo?

14 Nov 2016 d1en

@tvaduva I'll summarize it. I had 6 cards remaining in the deck, with one Jackson Howard and a AD left in deck. I would leave Subliminal in the discard. Two Sensei Actors Union were on board alongside a Jackson. I would start by using Sensei twice, going down to two cards in deck and keep Jackson and AD in hand. Mandatory draw brings me to 1 card left. Installing Jackson in a new remote would force the draw of the last card, and from there, with two Jacksons on the table, all combo pieces in the discard, and two AD's in hand, I have my extended combo ready to fire.

14 Nov 2016 Klopstock

My meta is pretty heavy on New Angeles City Hall and Rumor Mill, that's why I think it would be good to include Targeted Marketing and Hatchet Job as one-ofs. Got any tips on that? What to cut? Are they maybe even unnecessary if you play well and fast enough?

14 Nov 2016 tvaduva

@d1enThat would have been amazing to pull off. I didn't realize you had such few cards in left in R&D.

15 Nov 2016 jjjrich1

U could've put Atle least single voter intimidation for hades and film. Dobt forget mr.sim at j net, who toasted u hard ;)

15 Nov 2016 leachrode

@Klopstock Agree about Hatchet Job to help the NACH match up, without it I kinda feel like the game's 90% slipped away the second that's installed, plus the decks that rely on NACH/Film Critic to escape dying don't tend to slot a plascrete so a single pile of Hatchet Job -> 24/7 -> Boom does the trick, or to get the double boom off you could double pile with Interns -> Sublim -> Hatchet, 24/7 -> Boom -> Boom.

As far as what to cut, maybe a single Anonymous Tip or Special Report?

The meta call for worlds that it would be basically nothing but Whizz seems to have worked out for @d1enbut at least looking locally I think the SC season is gonna have a lot more shaper/Nexus and HJ at least makes it a 30/70 match up rather than a 5/95 one (or possibly I'm just bad and it's less rough than that)

31 Jan 2017 BizTheDad

Thanks so much for sharing this deck. Last night I took this deck with a couple changes -- -2 Quandary, -1 Salem's Hospitality (wish I wouldn't have cut this), +2 IP Block, +1 Special Report. I went 3-0 after facing an Adam and two Whizzard Hate Bears. Against one of the Hate Bears I had to do a two pile combo. The first pile was a Sweeps, Interns and Subliminal. The second pile was a Hatchet Job to bounce his Plascrete followed by 2 BOOM!'s. The one thing I was worried about seeing -- On the Lam -- I didn't see. However, I would have tried Hatchet Job on that as well.

Again, thanks so much!