To many metal fly’s!


This is a list I have been testing for the last couple of weeks. It has gone 12-2 both in person and online. The main game plan is to spam assets for the first few turns. At that point the runner has to choices, number one they attempt to contest your board and number two they don’t contest your board and try to find points before you can close the game. If they go with option two you are almost guaranteed the win. You can fast advance points till they steal a degree mill/Beale and close the game with fly on the wall/sea source in to exchange. If they go route one you have to keep making them spend money trash your assets then you can easily sea source exchange them or simple run them out of money and make a big scoring remote with tollbooth.

Key cards:

Fly on the wall: This definitely isn’t breaking news but when used at the right time it can easily turn around games. Most of the games I have played with this deck fly on the wall has won me them.

Temple’s: Temple’s helps you get up on the money game and rez key assets like turtlebacks or dbs for free.

Jeeves: jeeves helps you with your game plan quite a bit. Crucialy it helps you spam four assets a turn while also helping you with scoring fly on the wall into tag punishment. It also acts as a taxingmust trash that is a 3x.

Sandburg: Even though I have only won 2 games were this made a difference. When it did it lock out my opponents and they had no way to win.

The ID is an important part of this deck. One of the strongest things about Estelle Moon was that she allowed you to spam while also building up counters to draw more assets to spam. The ID is almost like a much much smaller moon with out the money benefit. When combined with turtlebacks and Jeeves you can create huge forward tempo turns.

This deck definitely has a few weaknesses. E-strike reduce the tempo of spaming assets. Both watch the world burn and stimhack are extremely efficient ways of dealing with assets. If your opponent is running watch the world burn in maxx they can do it multiple times and easily contest high cost assets like turtle backs, team sponsorships and Jeeves. Miss bones is a card that I have also encountered and can deal with assets easily. The hardest match up for this deck is run based crim. While with other match ups you can pretty easily get ahead of the runner run based decks will just keep getting money with paragon and bankroll. Luckily run based crim isn’t the most popular deck in the meta.

Despite this decks weaknesses it is still very strong and it’s ability to get ahead of the runner so quickly with high value assets and ultimately score fly on the wall is extremely powerful in a meta of mostly Val that takes a while to set up here rig.

12 Nov 2018 clapdog

I played against a version of this on jnet the other day. Gross. well done.

13 Nov 2018 BECKETT28