Dyper v5.0

rotage 2882

After a diversion with iDyper, this is the latest version of Dyper that I have been playing with recently. The combo turn for this deck is quite different to previous versions, and is detailed below

You have a Faust and Hyperdriver installed, at the start of your turn you pop the Hyperdriver and use 3 of Out of the Ashes to run the three central servers. You then have 7 clicks left, the optimal combination is to play 1 Apocalypse, 3 Encore and 2 Notoriety and install another Hyperdriver. As Encore now stacks this will give you 3 extra turns and the Hyperdriver will give you 3 clicks on one of those turns meaning you get 15 clicks. However this combination is unlikely to happen as it means drawing most of your deck however the beauty of the deck is that you only really need certain parts of the combination and its consistently able to be able to have a viable combination of pieces within 5 turns. Against asset spam decks if you are able to get your Astrolabe installed turn 1 then you can combo within 3 turns

Other cards being looked at:

Akshara Sareen - You can install this clickless and get an extra click on each of your Encore turns Beth - Similar to above but it isn't clickless to install and it costs money but could be used pre apocalypse to speed up setup Sports Hopper - The deck is quite rich so the 2 install cost (with Kate) isn't a major issue, the extra link could be useful against various decks and being able to draw three cards could be useful

Final Tips:

After you make your three run central runs using out of the ashes you can play peace in our time click 1 if you need extra money to play apocalyse, install keyhole etc

You install the other breakers depending on your matchup i.e against NBN I will try to install Inti (for Wraparound), against Jinteki - Pipeline (Swordsman) and HB - Zu Keymaster (for Turing) for Weyland I'll install whatever I think might be most useful

Always remember to pop the bookmark before you Apocalypse!

Any questions let me know

27 Mar 2017 Swiftie

I would like to dispute they 'dyper' brand that has been placed on this deck. There is no DDoS in the deck.

I was also crushed by this in a local GNK and can confirm it is a monster.

27 Mar 2017 rotage

@Swiftie Thank you for your query. We at the Dyper Foundation value your custom and appreciate the time you took to speak to us. Rest assured that we carefully consider any deck to become part of the Dyper brand and appreciate that although this deck does not fulfill the criteria for a Dyper deck it does fall into the spirit of a Dyper deck

If you would like more information on how we decide if a deck is a Dyper deck or not or have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your continued business and we look forward to stealing your agendas again soon

27 Mar 2017 Swiftie

I would like to make a complaint to the Dyper Foundation. I do not believe that it makes sense to plaster any Rotage made deck with the Dyper brand. Would the next version of dumblefork that is based around deep digs be called DumbleDyper?

27 Mar 2017 rotage

Thanks for your continued feedback Swiftie, we welcome queries of any nature. We felt that it kept in the spirit of the deck I.E scoring all the agendas in one turn, not caring that the ice is, abusing the amount of clicks available. If there was a Dumble deck which had similar qualities we would look at adding this to our portfolio

27 Mar 2017 gozik

what happened to encore? I remeber there was ruling that they do not stack.

27 Mar 2017 rotage

@gozikIn the latest uFAQ they ruled that it does now stack hence the direction this deck has now taken, although I think I have only played two once and even then I didn't need the extra turn

28 Mar 2017 Epimer

Have you thought about -1 Peace In Our Time, +1 The Turning Wheel to clear out HQ? Bit of a nonbo with Equivocation though.

28 Mar 2017 rotage

@EpimerThanks fot the feedback.

It would be nice, but Peace In Our Time has been a very key card in this list so would hate to drop any.

Yeah Turning Wheel was a good card in these decks but Equivocation does a lot more IMO as it does enable the mill option and is Influence free. Plus without Fansite I have no way to tutor for Turning Wheel

28 Mar 2017 SillySod

I dropped a copy of Peace for Crescentus. This is partly justified by my alternative draw engine (which uses aesop) but i think it might be essential for any version of the deck which finishes with keyhole.... crescentus allows you to trash architect.

29 Mar 2017 rotage

@sillysod Yeah thats a nice pick, usually I use Escher to deal with Architect, however with the deck using Ashes to make runs it makes Escher a bit trickier to play.

I used to have Aesops in my previous versions and I really enjoyed it as an econ engine, if I had slots spare I would like to have it back again

30 Mar 2017 Elodius

This looks so much fun ! Taking the day off to play this !

Anyone from the Belgian meta reading this: forget what I said... I'm back on Dyper !

30 Mar 2017 rotage

@Elodius Glad to hear it, I'm sure the Belgian meta will be pleased with your choice :) Let me know how it goes

30 Mar 2017 percomis

You mentioned the ideal composition of cards is rarely happening, how does the usual combo you get together usually look then?

Also aside the corp being at the winning agenda, how do you usually decide it's time to do a partial combo?

31 Mar 2017 rotage

@percomisUsually at least 1 encore, and 1 notoriety. The only other times I have comboed with this deck before the corp is on match point are:

  1. They are playing Jinteki and upgrades are going onto centrals and I fear batty/caprice etc so I will go if I feel I have a chance of winning before board state gets worse

  2. 24/7 Murder decks and they have scored the second agenda and either 24/7 to force me to trash bookmark of I fear they will do it and boom me to kill the pieces

  3. R&D is undefended and there is an agenda in the scoring remote which I get via apoc

I think in summary if there is a window to combo and that window looks like it might close or get tougher then I will go for it

3 Apr 2017 percomis

You mentioned that the deck can get quite rich. I'm curious, did you think about switching Faust to Eater? Do you usually find enough cards to throw to get in into R&D? (I assume that once you put down a Hyperdriver they will start putting ICE on R&D, if they see Bookmark, might switch to HQ).

3 Apr 2017 rotage

@percomisI have been considering that a lot recently and I do thinl it is worth testing. A game on Saturday in particular it would have been very useful as I had to break a little engine and money was not an issue, I have two concerns though

1) Main one is Crisium Grid, would force me to use my regular breakers 2) I wouldn't get the HQ or R&D access when I make my initial runs and you'd be surprised at the amount of times I snipe an agenda

Once the new Criminal AI comes out I may take a look at that

3 Apr 2017 percomis

Any tips against Sandburg decks that sometimes have Architect? :D

3 Apr 2017 rotage


  1. Get them deck checked
  2. Concede
  3. Run early and play normal netrunner and try to bring ice, steal agendas and maybe have a small combo turn where you use the clicks to score a notoriety
  4. Wait for Sandburg to rotate

I'll leave you to spot the sensible option in there :)

15 Apr 2017 Urbaknight

How do you think you'd adjust this given the new MWL? Try to replace Faust? Cut down to one Peace in Our Time?

18 Apr 2017 rotage

@Urbaknight The easy option as you suggested is to drop 2 Peace in Our Time I'd probably replace them with 2 Daily Casts

The issue of me is that with the meta going more glacier this means:

  1. Stronger ice
  2. More defensive upgrades including Caprice Nisei and Crisium Grid

For these reasons I am not sure this deck will be viable in its current state I might see what changes I can make but it would be a whole rework of the deck. Once the meta calms down and we have all the spoilers for Terminal Directive I'll see what I think is viable