Inversificator Kit (1-4 @ NN's SC)

rapanui 4

This was my runner for NtscapeNavigator's online Store Championship - 2021.05.08

It went 1-4, beating a Jinja City PD list and losing to Reg PD, Asa, Built to Last, and Acme.

This wasn't a case of being particularly unlucky, the deck just isn't able to keep up very well with the PD and Asa decks. I'd only tested it a bit for 2 days before wanting to try it out at a real event- mainly motivated by watching Internet tear people apart with something similar (PiOT, ProCo, Inversificator) in the Jnet casual room. I also got some wins with it, and there's something here, but it need some bypass tools or something.

If you want to try and improve this pile, cut the Tapwrms- they were very meh, eat up precious influence and you can't really spare the mem.

The Built to Last/Gvt Takeover matchup is OK despite the loss.

9 May 2021 bowlsley

Love an Inversificator Kit! Whilst I haven't tried out the build since Gateway came out my favourite slot from before it was definitely a couple of Boomerangs, which have the great effect of doubling as incredibly good value econ cards when it comes to breaking big expensive ice. Very much recommend giving them a try.