Fox Spirit Experiment ~ 3-0 2nd Place Pittsburgh GNK

markfed 32

Kakurenbo is one of my favorite cards out of the uprising set. Combined with Project Yagi-Uda I thought it would be a lot of fun to play a vegetarian Jinteki Biotech deck where the only net damage comes from ICE and Obokata. Typically you want to take The Greenhouse for the 4 advancement flip to close out games or score an early medical breakthrough to get the FA train rolling.

General strategy is basic ice ice hedgefund, then start looking for your combos. Folks rarely trash an unrezzed jeeves so you can leave one out on the table and pull the usual Jinteki mind games until you score your first agenda. Use the HB tools to FA out what you can before the runner gets their multi-access up and running, then try to win the game before then. If draw doesn't suit you, click for credits and bluff NGO's and keep Centrals protected.

Agendas: Medical Breakthrough - The card that makes this deck work. Either score one or feed your opponent one early, then 6 of your remaining 8 agendas can be FA'd out of hand for 7 credits or less Obakata - Get a cheap early score or do the usual Obokata temp hit.

Kakurenbo - Have jeeves rezzed and score a 3/2 from hand, or stash some agendas in archives if you're flooded then use this when you have a jeeves rezzed to FA score out for 3 credits. Lastly if you're poor, you can pull an NGO from the trash and install it to bounce back (double points if a jeeves is rezzed and you can play IPO for the Jeeves click). Going 2 credits to 13 is quite nice in one turn.

Engram Flush - Great for protecting Jeeves early and late since its so expensive to break.

Game Summary: Game 1 vs. Paule's Cafe Az The runner picked 2 agendas off RnD before I could find any ice. I FA'd a 3/2 and played the draw hard and hope I don't lose to single accesses. When I finally found ICE they were able to dig RnD and HQ several times and whiffed on double accesses. I was able to click for credits and eventually FA 2 more 3/2's out of hand before the game went to time. 6 to 4 for me.

Game 2 Vs. Apocalypse Ken Installed 2 Jeeves and an Obokata on the opening turn. The runner neglected to steal it after running it and I score it out with Jeeves and the Greenhouse. I iced and moneyed up over the next few turns but couldn't avoid the first Apocalypse. I misplayed and could have had a DNA tracker fire but did not rez it. I spent the next several turns click for credits, eating DoF's and trying to find ICE. Ken couldn't find the pieces he needed to get in once I was iced up again and I was able to Biotic out 2 more 3/2's.

Game 3 vs. By Any Means Combo Gnat This deck had a lot of moving pieces. I picked The Tank for this game on the off chance that he would steal an Obokata or forget to stay above 2 cards to get his ID to fire, and it happened on the 5th or 7th turn after I had scored out a two-pointer.

Overall this deck is just silly fun to play against folks who are expecting the usual jinteki net damage. Fortunately I did not face any Anarch ICE destruction as I think it capitulates quite easily if it runs out of money early. It can definitely be tuned a bit tighter, and more cheap ice could allow it to have a couple traps to make it not such a one hit wonder deck. I added the Cyberdex Virus Suite and Macrophage because turtle killed me twice in Jnet but I didn't run into any Turtle on Friday so they could change based on your local meta calls..

Cheers and happy netrunnings!