Garden Party (61 cards) [3rd @ Petrie's Store Champs]

lukifer 996

When Wyldside and Déjà Vu rotated, and Faust was banished from reality, I thought Firehose MaxX was dead forever. But without the MWL, I discovered that Exclusive Party could fit once again, and this delightful monstrosity punk-rocked itself into existence.

If the 80-card version was a firehose spray of cards, this one is a gentler gardenhose. It went 3-1 during Swiss at Petrie's in Colorado Springs, and 1-1 in the cut, ending in 3rd.

The core engine is Severnius and Obelus: huge multi-access bursts that immediately refill the hand with more money, tools, and Severnius-fuel.

2x Levy is absolutely worth the influence, mostly for regularity. I've yet to ever run out of gas, and I've also survived both Lockdown and Chronos thanks to the backup.

Hacktivist Meeting was the right meta call, and it was an error not packing three.

Imp solves a ton of problems: knock operations out of hand, save creds against asset spam, throw Obokata/Ikawah/TFP in the trash, act as supplemental multi-access.

The single Infiltration is a cheeky answer to Mushin, and really clutch in certain situations.

Immolation Script was a last-minute include to have some gameplan against all-mythic ice suites, but it did nothing, and should be cut. Pretty sure the deck just auto-loses against Loki-MoGo-Excal. :P (It would take a lot of slots for AI breakers and Ret-Runs for that one edge case; luckily the CO meta is diverse, and I didn't see it.)