Promissory Estoppel (PE) (2nd @ May AMT)

HaverOfFun 536

"PE can be used where there is no existing legal relationship (eg contract) between the parties AND PE can be used to establish a cause of action."

"PE is when someone relies on you fulfilling a promise and you encourage that belief, causing them to rely on it to their own detriment."

Inspiration can strike anywhere

I was keen to get an End of the Line See How They Run deck together, especially after seeing the reveal of the 2024 H2 kit playmat! I had a bit of a look and liked PankoEscolar's build so I swapped in one anemone for one tributary cause more net damage is wicked and I had a test game where I drew 2 tribs and was a little sad.

Either way, super fun deck, super fun day and super fun game!

Recommend you throw on some cool music to keep the vibes high!

4 May 2024 Flopus

The name: Contracts The cards: Intentional torts

4 May 2024 HaverOfFun

@Flopusyeah this deck sure was responsible for some civil wrongs

7 May 2024 josephlaizure

Good luck on finals! Take a clinic if you can.