Clone of Force

zendealer 1

The main win condition for this deck is centered around a kill using Mushin No Shin, Show of Force, Clones are not people and 24/7.

Mushin out a Show of Force take it to 4 and forget about it. Once you have Clones are not People, 24/7 and a Neural EMP it's time for the kill shot. Play Clones, score Force, 24/7 using the clones to trigger Force and finish off with a Neural EMP, 6 damage FTW.

A good understanding of how your opponent will behave is important. If you are playing against a cautious player then just Mushin the force and wait for the kill. Against a run everything type then start them off with the cerebral overwriter then your job has just gotten infinitely easier as a light breeze will flat line them after that.

Things this deck doesn't like:

Aaron Marron - can draw 2 cards after you score to ruin your combo.

On the Lamb - has no fear of running your advanced cards.

For these we have voter intimidation to get rid of them.

If that fails not all is lost but it does get more difficult, you will need to score 2 Show of Force in the same timing window as the runner does not have an action window to use Aaron.

Leela - bouncing your 4 advanced cards is going to ruin your day and you can't really stop anyone getting in once they are set up. Was considering Cerebral static to stop her but couldn't find room. If the meta stays with criminal then i might have to slot it in.

19 Feb 2017 salkidu

Clones do not trigger pe ability

19 Feb 2017 zendealer

That is correct.

The kill comes from:

1ND scoring SoF

2MD from SoF

Sac clones for 24/7 to do 2MD

1ND from Neutral EMP.

Total damage 6.