PDX Circuit Opener / 1st Place / Startup

benticurus 1771

Write-up done at midnight and made a mistake: The three Hedge Funds should be three SanSan Grids. The deck does not have Hedge Funds.

3 wins / 1 loss in Swiss.
0 wins / 1 loss in Top 4.

  1. I hate netdecking.
  2. I don't have time to brew.
  3. I netdecked this NEH deck, with some minor changes.

This deck is not great, I was just very lucky. Put one Fun House on RnD, one on HQ, and one in front of SanSan: eventually the runners give up on shaking the tags. Traps are there just to protect SanSan, faking an agenda when they can Clot, or inviting a run on a iced remote to waste their time.

I've been playing this list for a few weeks, and I've never been able to Mutually Assured Destruction: so there is still at least 4 influence to play around with.

Everyone was very patient with my absentmindedness.
I had no business playing the folks in the top cut.

26 Sep 2022 Baa Ram Wu

"Traps are there just to protect SanSan"

The best protection for SanSan is just not including it in your deck! ;) There's a high chance you forgot to include them here!

26 Sep 2022 benticurus

@Baa Ram Wu Thanks for the callout, the hedge funds are supposed to be the three SanSan. Trying to fix now.

26 Sep 2022 benticurus

@Baa Ram Wu I wrote the list at midnight, and messed up there. Thanks for the callout. The three HedgeFunds should be the three SanSan Grids. The deck does not run HedgeFund. Seems I can't fix a published deck...`