'War of Attrition' 1st Element Games, Stockport, 25 players

Katsushika 333

alt text

This deck went 5-2 over the course of the day beating Dumbleforksx3, En Pass Val and Nexus Kate. Two losses to Smoke (R&D misbehaved in a big way) and Reg Whizz.

I'm not massively fond of the deck but it did serve me well. For the most part your gameplan is to get a Tollbooth or two on to a remote and keep using FIHP to recur SanSan until the runner gives up.

FIHP is also fairly decent if you need to quickly defend another server, installing over remote ICE for example then FIHP'ing them on to another server can be pretty clutch when the runner gives up on keeping your board under control and goes ham on R&D.

The CVS recursion is also pretty bonkers against Medium decks. Val has been pretty popular recently and Exposé does a good job of breaking that MU wide open.