Persistence Predator [3rd @ American Continentals]

lukifer 996

Don't chase your dreams! Human are persistence predators.

When I first tried Sokka's build, this is what it felt like:

The deck is relentless: it just keeps printing money, and applying pressure, and answering questions, and it never. ever. stops.

It helps that it's the best answer to Drago prison (#BanDrago), but it's strong against basically every corp; and with the passing of my beloved MaxX, Lat is the clear inheritor to the title of Five-Click Runner.

A couple small changes:

  • Na'Not'K over Ika, since everyone is teching against boat, and I didn't want the corp taking a breaker off the board by over-installing ICE. While sometimes stupid expensive (9 to break Hydra), other times it was quite efficient (3 Ansel 1.0 on a 3-deep remote)

  • Switched 3rd Dirty Laundry for 3rd Rigging Up. Probably a wash between the two; Laundry has great synergy with boat, but I want to make sure to see one early, and to reduce the tempo hit to anti-boat tech. The Hyperbaric synergy is great when you get it, but even a plain Modded has a ton of value, and can help sculpt the hand to ensure Lat triggers.

Considering that I lost a game in the cut by not finding Clot or Depths in the top half of the deck, I also think swapping Paricia for 1x SMC is the way to go.

11 Sep 2022 aunthemod

I tried -1 Paricia +1 Dirty Laundry this weekend, not sure about that now based on how well Ob did. I do feel strongly tho that 3rd Rigging Up is necessary if one is running Tek over Ika.