Rogue Sunny

DarthIA 91

This is the runner list I brought to last week GNK. I have always loved Sunny, but I have always felt that she has economic issues in the early game. That is one reason for her slow setup, another being the deck size.

Now, introducing Rogue Trading for a whole new world of economic boost. Pair it with Citadel Sanctuary and the corp will curse you during the whole match.

Another beast is White Hat. You can safely steal an agenda or run anywhere, provided that you can afterwards land it, since you can get rid of Punitives, HHN, and the likes.

I also tried before Credit Kiting, but I think Rogue Trading is much better, and one less influence. Another changes you may wanna try are including an Aumakua just in case, but overall the deck is pretty solid and draws into the needed cards without too much hussle. I just can't wait for Black Hat :D