Draw cards and play your hand - 3-0 @Montreal GNK 2023-11-04

Diogene 4053

Simple deck where you draw cards and play them. Very few triggers to manage. This deck did not drop any game and won against Ob, PE, Pravdivost. This allowed me to place 2nd in the 11 persons GNK.

Game plan : Draw cards, then play them. Sabotage for fun and profit.

Mulligan plan : either Marrow or Ghosttongue in hand, everything else is not important.

Here is the list of trigger for this deck :

  • Your ID (of course).
  • Botulus getting their start of turn virus.
  • Choosing where to use Tsakhia "Bankhar" Gantulga.
  • The sabotage done by Marrow when an agenda is scored.
  • Every event cost one credit less.

So, nothing complicated. With Tsakhia "Bankhar" Gantulga, Botulus and Boomerang to pass ices, there are no complicated maths.

On average, this deck will be able to sabotage 18 to 22 cards each game. This creates lots of complications for the corp.

Begemot is there for one purpose : making sure the corp will NOT rez any barriers. This breaker is very efficient and it is kind of useless to put something taxing for it. So, once it is on the board, barriers cease to be rezzed it seems.

The deck is rather poor, so tags will usually not be cleared.

Pinhole Threading and Miss Bones gives the deck some wings against things that makes us lose

There is a load of draw power in this deck. Don't be afraid to overdraw and run with Bankhar.

Wildcat Strike is so much better than Sure Gamble. Either you get athe value of Sure Gamble, or the value of a VRcation!

Thanks to all for playing at the GNK, in Montreal (2023-11-04). Special shoutout to Odonuvo for organizing it all! It was a blast!


5 Nov 2023 bluestar

I was literally looking at wild cat strike as an alternative to sure gamble yesterday while sleeving up for the Canberra CO next week. Haven't got around to trying it yet, though I can see the appeal for the same reason I use Carpe Diem over Bravado. Did you find players were too switched on to give you what you wanted? Since this list uses almost no breakers I'd assume most of the time the runner will opt to give you the money rather than the cards as bankhar fuel.

5 Nov 2023 Diogene

@bluestar that is correct. The general philosophy is to always give money, since it provides less tempo for the runner. But in this deck, everything cost very little, so giving us money enables us to do everything. While getting cards also does the same thing, as long as you play Wildcat Strike on the first click (or with a nearly empty hand).

Outside of this deck, I personally tend to favor milling out the runner, whenever possible.

5 Nov 2023 Jai

Congrats on the result, glad to see the testing paid off!

5 Nov 2023 Diogene

@Jai thanks a lot for your suggestion of putting Finality. It add the pressure needed on R&D.