No Care; Just Scare

Sokka 3681

This is one of the most aggressive decks I’ve ever seen or played.

Install your Time Bombs, put your Botulus on HQ, take some core damage, and when your Time Bomb goes off stack a Chastushka or two along with another core to start milling those cards in R&D. If the Sabotage isn’t enough, transition those Botulus on R&D and use Stargate to get you the rest of the way.

When it works it’s very fun…..for the runner :)

8 Jan 2023 Two_EG

When I see 3 bravados in Anarch, I upvote.

8 Jan 2023 Diogene


Why 3x Ghosttongue? You could replace one with Mystic Maemi to get more support.

Also, do you think you think Finality could get you more than Running Hot, since you are not using Liberated Account and needing those clicks?

Finally, it seems to me that Zenit Chip JZ-2MJ might give you more than Poison Vial, especially in Esâ Afontov: Eco-Insurrectionist.

But all in all, this look like and amazingly fun deck. I'll try it for sure. Thanks for sharing!

8 Jan 2023 Sokka

@Two_EG 💯

@Diogene Maemi is worse than Ghosttongue here. Cutting a Ghosttongue for a Maemi increases the deck’s variance with the benefit that sometimes you can install both. You can do that but the deck takes a lot of self damage so 3x of the better card is just better consistency with little downside.

Finality is nice and there could be one in here. The deck wants to mainly attack HQ and Stargate is already here for attacking R&D so Finality could sometimes be dead but there could probably be a 1x.

There is no such thing as not needing clicks.

Zenit chip could be cool. Haven’t tried it but Poison Vial lets you fully break a multi-sub ice when you Simulchip a Botulus onto it which is pretty good

15 Jan 2023 ogrillion

May I ask about the lack of NFL? Is that because this deck is designed to win before it matters, or was it more just theory crafting outside of the need to be to particular meta? If it is crafted to fight the meta, would you make any recommendations/changes against aginfusion?

15 Jan 2023 Sokka

@ogrillion I see NFL as a tech card for the purpose of preventing a corp from taking a very specific turn that goes double advance drago, give tag, play self-growth program. NFL is also there to protect valuable resources. So when I evaluate if NFL is needed in a deck, I think to myself "will such a corp turn cripple my board? And if so, is this something I can play around without NFL?" If the answer to the first question is yes and the second is no, then I need NFL to prevent this from happening.

In this deck, there is no high cost thing like Endurance or World Tree. In fact, there isn't even Daily Casts that you would want NFL to protect. So in the R+ matchup, as long as you don't aggressively install your Paperclip or your Stargate, and you focus on getting money then there is no need for NFL. This deck should be very favoured against R+ as it is.

Another thing I'll note about NFL is that it is good not because it clears a tag, but because it clears a tag on the corps turn. If you find yourself using NFL on your own turn, it's actually not that great and there's probably some economic deficiency with the deck in general.

The AgInfusion matchup is unfortunately naturally difficult because a good AgInfusion player should be able to turn Sabotage into an advantage due to synergy with Nanisivik Grid. A focus should be on getting Botulus on the right servers (HQ or R&D) along with the support of Simulchip and Poison Vial. The placement of the 3 Botulus will make or break that matchup. In terms of deck changes to improve against AgInfusion, something like -2 Running Hot for +2 Hippo would help a lot.

20 Jan 2023 swearyprincess

Oh you know I'm playing this... :evilgrin: