ПЯНИ: 4-1 @ Moscow SC

aeternii 189

Вкусни, сочни, сладки.


Alright, so the deck is still OK my dudes. You can't play solitaire all game long or at some point you'll get crushed before you have a chance to find all the pieces, but thankfully there's a bunch of options in this deck to actually advance your boardstate and possibly score out (MCA is ridiculous).

A short descriptions of my choices here:

Agendas: I feel like this is absolutely the way to go with this deck now. The agenda density is low enough so that you don't just lose to R&D multiaccess most of the time, while simultaneously putting the runner at a disadvantage with agendas being hard to steal (Ikawah) and less valuable to the Runner (GFI). Vitruvius is there to FA w/ Biotic which in itself is a very viable plan here.

Assets & upgrades: So the only bullshit card I really wanted to pack was MCA, it's extremely important here. The rest is econ, HHN fuel and click efficiency, which is always nice. Definitely try never advancing a Vitruvius early if you see a chance to, as this will force the Runner to check all of your next MVTs through thick layers of ICE, wasting them precious credits.

OPs: So this is obviously the bread and butter of this deck. The basic combo is Load Testing, Load Testing, HHN. This makes the runner practically unable to remove the tags on his next turn (save for a couple of tech cards). You can of course replace one Load Testing with an MCA charge. Be careful not to go below a comfortable amount of credits on HHN turn (you will have to discard).

ICE: I feel like this is the correct ICE composition for this deck. You don't really mind not having ICE on your first turn because of the agenda density. Turing is great with click stealing. IP Block is OK. The rest is pretty much standard except for a Fairchild, it's your wildcard ICE.

This deck won 3 times by flatline and 1 time by scoring agendas.

Unfortunately my runner performance was subpar and I never made it to top cut. Overall I've had a blast playing this deck and I'm happy to say there's a bunch of ways to pilot it, which is refreshing for CI. Don't forget to make heavy use of MCA, it single-handedly wins you games. I've had a game where the Runner only had an AI breaker installed, but I knew she had a Femme in her hand. I went: Charge MCA for the 3rd counter, trash MCA (gain some clicks), play 2 Load Testings putting the Runner at 1 click on her next turn, install and double advance a GFI behind a Turing for the win.

Have fun!

11 Mar 2018 wkz

This deck is definitely сука блять. I haven't played against it (being TO sometimes is a disadvantage), but I watched a couple of games and the Runner was facing some hard choices. Good job, glad to see you playing again :)

12 Mar 2018 beklauser

Nice deck! Could you squeeze in Bryan Stinson?

12 Mar 2018 aeternii

@beklauser I tested Bryan, but I found out that A: It's a winmore card in this deck and B: I would have to take out very important tech that actually saves you tempo quite often (GFI, IP Block). He's also slow to set up and overall a burden as opposed to disposable assets and upgrades I'm going for in this deck.