Kick the Worm - 5th APAC Continentals

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With thanks to the Superfriendos who did all the real testing on this while I just followed along during a horrible month at work, woke up with a sore back, hobbled to my computer and somehow ended up in fifth place.

This is within a few cards of miek's other than a Citadel for a Turtle, and given how much work the Citadel did in our cut game and it's basically his deck anyway you should just read that writeup instead (but I need the deckslots too, just saying). The only notes to add are I had to actually play all my games as well as sadly step over my fellow Australian Luke (who also had done a lot more refining of the deck than I did) to make the cut in the final round.

In the cut I opted to take this into the Titan matchup instead of an also-bad Geist matchup for my GameNet figuring I'd have to eat Titan eventually anyway, then proceeded to win before the seven and a bit minutes of Battles's "Atlas" finished. Then Miek got me good, and then I lost to Titan again, and I can't really claim a moral highground on Titan.

I can instead use the time I would have spent on a more detailed writeup making a niche meme to annoy Morgan. Please enjoy the rest of your day.

packet datasucker

19 Jul 2020 Anzekay

rezeki is still a garbage card and datasucker is better! don't let that salt get all over your table luke!!!!

27 Jul 2020 vesper

Bantz about the game outside the table chat log. What is this.

Congrats and I hope you're going to be there for the Intercontinentals. Good luck!