1st Place in Lockdown 7

mo0man 378

Deck did ok, but was mostly carried by some sick rips. I think I mostly won with run pressure and keeping corp econ down, because if things reached the late game I would be very sad.

I dunno how I would fix it. Spent a lot of time clicking for credits, so probably I would work on that.

Love yourself. Run 3x Apocalypse

The Corp

Btw I liked this game a lot

testing Diesel

10 Aug 2020 vesper

Your games felt like a masterclass in Runner applying pressure to Corps, whatever the flavour. Well played and congrats on your awesome performance!

10 Aug 2020 Zanetti83

Congratulations for you victory! I played Los too, but no apoc because I don't like it, despite I know it is very strong. Regarding the econ, Kati Jones and Paragon helped me. My deck is not as strong as yours but I had a lot of fun playing it :-)