[4th @ American Conts] Same shit, new meta

enkoder 1001

This is the runner list I brough to Cascadia which hard carried me into the cut going 4-0. I almost didn't bring Lat too, but like, who am I kidding I was always going to bring Lat. This is just classic good stuff aniccam and the dope endgame of K2CP + Cleaver, Buzzsaw, and Echelon. It's a race to get setup but if you can get to turn 8 or 9 the game is very handedly yours. It's fun, pretty linear, and can really handle a wide range of problems quite well. I think it's a great meta call right now and clearly paid off!

You can find much more information about the list in my video here

I talk about my thought process going into Cascadia, this runner list, learning how to play Charlie's Outfit on the fly, and my experiences in swiss and in the cut. Specifically, I also talk through 4 crucial misplays in my game vs CTZ. Hope you enjoy!

16 Aug 2023 maninthemoon

This looks quite strong and better positioned then your APAC list. I'm curious how the switch from LilyPAD to Aniccam feels, I thought the LilyPAD version was really cool. I should probably watch your video ๐Ÿ™ƒ but I don't have the time right at this moment.

I should send you my "Koder Lat" list I have built. I was building lat last week and realized I was about 5 cards off your APAC list so I had credit you in the decklist title ๐Ÿ˜…

16 Aug 2023 Wentagon

I wrote as much in my own Lat writeup but the TL;DR is I found that even if LilyPAD enables some skateboard tricksโ„ข, Aniccam is just better. The additional credit to put it down sucks, you aren't running quite enough cheap programs to get max value out of it, and you aren't MU constrained until late game.

Congrats on making interconts! ๐Ÿคฉ