Accidental Kickflips Arissana (12th at ACC, 2-4-0)

Kikai 2167

With thanks and love to Ysengrin and Kror for running an unbelivably smooth American Continentals Championship.


Arissana is good against glacier, but bad against assets. Criminal is good against assets, but terrible against glacier. It's easier to tune Arissana to deal with assets than it is to tune Criminal to deal with glacier.

Bad publicity is crazy good for Arissana, in all matchups, because of our ability to do mid run installs.

Credit denial is also super powerful, because it can open up Kyuban abuse windows, and it gives us more start of turn triggers (because it extends the game).

Is this deck good? The results are kind of not good...

I know. I did really well before the meal break (5-0), and then crashed harder than I've ever crashed at a netrunner tournament before. I really struggled to play the 2nd half of swiss (went 1-4). I don't actually think that I deserved to make the cut, but I'm always grateful for the opportunity to play more netrunner.


It's easy to find the 6 inf for Mining Accident, but it's harder to find the slots, and harder still to find the clicks (and credits) to play it. So we have to tune our decklist to make it as smooth as possible to land a mining accident turn 1. Fortunately, the cards that do that (e.g. Dirty Laundry) all synergise really well with Arissana anyway.

Coalescence was a late, but genius, include. Think of it as Dirty Laundry number #4.

Möbius is another copy of dirty laundry, and combos well with Cataloguer.

Physarum Entangler is cracked. We cut the Slap Vandal, so we have to make installing Cleaver a priority.

Muse means that we can get away with only playing 1 x Physarum Entangler. I am 100% on board the Muse hype train. Being able to install programs from the heap at instant speed is crazy good. Initially I was playing 3x, but it can sometimes make finding Cleaver awkward, so I cut the 3rd for a 2nd SMC.


In spite of my own advice, I would consider cutting Hannah "Wheels" Pilintra for a Pinhole Threading and another Möbius. Or DJ Fenris. Probably cutting Stoneship Chart Room.

There was much less Thule than I was expecting, and I didn't really use Hannah "Wheels" Pilintra on the day in any meaningful way.

Piloting Tips

don't play mining accident unless we are getting some other sort of value off the central run (e.g. laundry or Ika install)

as a rule of thumb, we should hold off on installing Lilypad until we have some UAV money to pay for it

same with Env Testing (although we can be more flexible here if there is a clear path to getting it to fire without UAV)


Mulligan for Urban Art Vernissage or Ika. These are key pieces of our engine.

Alternatively, Dirty Laundry + Mining Accident can also be a good opener

Otherwise, just draw + econ (like any other runner deck).