Turbo Bird (6-0 SC Winner)

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Turbo Bird Total Escape Games SC Winner (Broomfield, CO)
Good ol' MaxX 1st Guardian Games SC (4th swiss)
Bristol SC Feb 2018 Runner
miek hacking turbo bird to be probably worse
Turbo Bird, 1st place SC Wroclaw
Hyper Bird (7-1 @ Euros '18)
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SimonMoon 2343

Why is this called Turbo Bird?

Cuz it flies fast and hits like Hugh Douglas.

Maxx is fun. This is a fun Maxx deck. Your basic plan is as follows:

  1. Go draw through your deck very fast, play your money cards and make money.
  2. If they try to score, Stimhack the remote and steal the agenda.
  3. Draw indexing and indexing them a lot.

Your plan vs. asset spam is slightly different:

  1. Draw through your deck, play money cards and make money.
  2. Play hacktivist a lot of times.
  3. Stimhack their most expensive trash cards.
  4. Draw indexing and indexing them a lot.

In summary: Play stimhack a lot. Play indexing a lot.

Scrubber is the worst card and can be cut for Mercs if you want to tech for CI Kill. I didn't because no one was playing this, but is a good cut. If there is a different card you want to play instead of Scrubber you have my permission. Maybe this should be the third stimhack. Stimhack is very good and I usually wished I had more.

Don't play any consoles. They are all bad (especially Maw).

Rebirthing 101: Some people think Rebirthing is a hard decision, but it is not. You should Rebirth into Omar. Maxx is slightly harder because the decision on when to Rebirth is actually a hard to decision.

You should rebirth as soon as you draw it vs. Skorp or Net Damage decks. Notably, Skorp has the biggest exception to the Just Rebirth Into Omar You Dummy (JRIOYD) Rule. Quetzel is pretty good especially if you do it before you install any breakers. Your opponent will realize you walk through all their Ice for free and be sad. Which is good because Skorp is not cool.

Other decks you should Rebirth into Omar once you 1. Have all the cards you need (all breakers in the bin) 2. They are starting to tax you out of HQ / RnD and single accesses are starting to be your best bet.

You do have to calculate how much better the Omar is than the Maxx draw, which is not always obvious especially if you want to Levy. However with 3x Inject and 3x I've Had Worse you have more draw than most Maxx decks (even the ones playing stupid cards like Street Peddler). Remember everyone helpful Street Urchins are less cool than Drugs.

Some basic tips for common decks:

  1. CtM: Keep their econ down by Stimhacking Pad / DBS and pay the trace then trashing other Econ. You want to access lots of cards early because you don't have a good solution to Data Raven. You may be tempted to Rebirth into Ed Kim, but don't.

  2. Barney Reversed CI: This is a very good matchup (unlike most Anarch decks). Keep Hacktivist up, access some cards fire some indexings and Stimhack Black Orchestra through FC3 and trash every Austerity at 2 counters.

  3. Combo KI: This is not a great matchup. Mull aggressively for Turtle or Rebirth, access cards. Ice Carver and and Datasucker help keep the Loki, Mogo, CVS combo from being as stupid as it is. Worth teching for but realistically they just score 7 a little later if they are not a dummy. However, you can find 1x Mercs before they can combo 80% of the time if they don't have a scoring plan.

  4. Aginfusion: Stimhack Stimhack Stimhack Stimhack Stimhack Stimhack. Watch out for Blacklist. In testing not as bad as you'd think, Hacktivist is good.

  5. Skorp: Mull for Rebirth. Not as bad as you'd think, but sometimes you mill your Breakers and you lose. Try to get acccesses in early. Indexing is very good.

  6. PU: Turtle is a very good card. Rebirth is a very good card. If you manage to Levy as Omar with Turtle out you are in Good shape. If they lockdown one of these three cards you are not in good shape.

  7. Gagarin: This deck is not good. Hacktivist is good and you can outrecur them. Don't be afraid to Stimhack Hostile Infrastrastructure, Illegal Arms, Pad Campaign, Etc. Just trash everything. At some point run HQ when you got some extra clicks, but really just trash it all and then you can win by running archives and scoring 8 points they've pitched.

  8. Moons CI: Mull for Hacktivist or lots of money. You win or lose based on winning the Hacktivist War. Trash lots of stuff. Again, don't be afraid to Stimhack Jeeves (which is secretly a very important cards to these decks). Trash the JEEVES.

In summary, Drugs are good. When you inject em they draw you the best drugs which give you lots of money and only hurt your brain a little bit but it doesn't really matter because Money > Your Brain. Library catalogue systems are also good.

23 Jan 2018 saetzero

Dumb annoying strong deck. Approved for dirty Maxx players.

23 Jan 2018 x3r0h0ur

What console would you use in this deck?

23 Jan 2018 djkokakola

@x3r0h0ur Stimhack

23 Jan 2018 Seamus

Who is Hugh Douglas?

24 Jan 2018 esutter479

A defensive lineman who used to play for the Eagles about 10-15 years ago...he was pretty good.

24 Jan 2018 ctz

I've pretty much exclusively played maxx since worlds testing and this is the ticket. Go fast, ignore the rest. CTZ approved

24 Jan 2018 SimonMoon

@Seamus as @esutter479states Hugh Douglas (better known as the turbo bird) was a defensive player for the eagles. Your Scottish guy who killed some dumb English peeps seems cool too.

24 Jan 2018 SimonMoon

@Seamus as @esutter479 states hugh douglas (better known as the turbo bird) was a defensive player for the eagles. Your Scottish guy who killed some nasty English dudes is pretty cool too though and lives up to the turbo bird code.

24 Jan 2018 tonybluehose

The best stimhackin' write up I've ever read. It's as if Hunter Thompson played a children's card game on drugs while talking about drugs while also looking for drugs. 10 out of 10, would drugs again.

25 Jan 2018 hornedrat

@SimonMoon, when you play CtM, do you just take all the tags? i always end up with 15 of them, and the resistor becomes a problem, as well as quantive predictive models + exchange of information

26 Jan 2018 scd

Can I run ekomind in this

26 Jan 2018 Dr_Feelgood

Nice deck. I have a couple questions though. Were there any money issues without Val's bad pub plus occasional mining accident's bad pub? How do you find a single copy of Amakua and datasucker without recusrion? Seems unreliable.

26 Jan 2018 scd

Welcome to anarchs, Dr_Feelgood

26 Jan 2018 Dr_Feelgood

Also, what was your thoughts on Knifed as your only cutlery? I would rather go for Spooned, cause codegates are usually more expensive to break with BO.

27 Jan 2018 Robotoast

Knifed is crucial against PU. You can always pay through a DNA tracker if you have to, but Kakugos will grind you out no matter how much money you have, and Maxx can't afford to be dropping cards from hand, and from deck while just trying to fire off some Indexings

27 Jan 2018 SimonMoon

@hornedrats against CI I usually do not take all the tags. I try to get my own money going and aggressively trash theirs (using stimhack) while floating around 8+. In the late game I'll usually eventually get tags as they get data raven on r&d and the remote and there isn't a great solution. Generally trying to land one last indexing in this situation.

27 Jan 2018 SimonMoon

@Dr_Feelgood Val works differently to utilize the BP better. It's main multiaccess is turning wheel so it wants to get lots of cheap runs. Maxx on the other hand focuses on locking down the remote asap and spamming value indexing. You make a lot less runs than Val does.

As a wise man once said "Consistency is the hobgoblin of lesser minds". More seriously, you aren't trying to draw any of those cards quickly or in every matchup. The single data sucker is worth it, but the loss of utility in running a second one makes it not worth slotting. Turtle is closer but is more of a secondary tool with conspiracy + stimhack being your primary breaker.

Knifed is better because reasons listed. Also DNA and FC3 cost 9 to break anyway so mostly you're trying to win on different server rather than killing them (and stimhacking through a couple times).

29 Jan 2018 Aerosaucer

It really wouldn't be worth it to toss a Turntable in there?

29 Jan 2018 Aerosaucer

What about Citadel Sanctuary instead of Mercs? Would that help against Data Raven?

29 Jan 2018 osclate

Is the Aumakua pretty much just there for all mythic ice decks? How often do you end up installing it in other matchups? Trying to decide between it, Femme, and Atman for that slot.

11 Feb 2018 Bilby

This deck is a monster. Feels like playing with a jet engine on your back!!!!!

29 May 2018 Vortilion

What’s „DBS“?

29 May 2018 scd

Daily Business Show

29 May 2018 Vortilion

Ah, thanks! I‘m not familiar with most netrunner abbreviations yet...

29 May 2018 Vortilion

Isn‘t using Stimhack too often a problem because of the reduced gripsize?