Wall to Wall Argus

safepassage 82

Okay, there are a bunch of shiny new cards, but who needs them when good old Argus survives rotation intact? It still rushes hard, it still puts the runner under impossible pressure, and, yes, they still always slip.

Of course, Uprising is actually really exciting, and trying out Wall to Wall in the tech slot was my nod to the new set. I was quite excited about this card's potential in Argus - helping keep the gas flowing, slyly powering up Mausolus and Hortum, and letting you bluff a neveradvanced Atlas in a death remote. I found it quite awkward in practice, however, with it often gumming up the hand and getting discarded after a bounce. Probably better off keeping the tech slot as a Fast Track.

It went 3-1 at the Spoons GNK, beating Maxx, Leela and Apoc Val and losing to Reina. I also went 3-1 with runner, beating Azmari and 2x GameNet, and losing a tense game against Jinteki Biotech with drop it like its hot 419. My only change was -1 dirty laundry +1 no one home (which, against 3 decks packing HHN and biotech, did real business on the day). Thanks to all of my opponents for some really fun and tense games, thanks to twisty_b for organising a great afternoon of netrunner, and special shout out to rusefus for some awesome baking.

19 Jan 2020 Longi

Just couple of days ago I discussed the inclusion of Wall to wall into Argus with Snoopi. I thought it wont fit. I am glad you confirmed my suspicion and saved me some practice time:) Congrats on the 1st place.