If You Build It, They Can't Come 3-0 GNK Winner

Caedus 38

It's my birthday so gift me with deck slots by liking! ;P

NAPD Cordon is just SO GOOD! When your agenda is in space, the root is being protected by NA's finest (aha, not really), and the relay through Cayambe Grid is expensive as all get out apparently, the runner either has to have an impressive savings ready to pull out of nowhere, or they're just not getting that agenda. Honestly, unless you have some bad luck or or you misplay, they're never getting a score out of your remote. So make sure you don't rush so fast that you can't defend HQ, maybe keep a BC on R&D for multi-access shenanigans there, etc.

This is a Frankenstein combo of the recently featured Earth Station rush deck by Scorpi12, with the fun purging shenanigans of the also-recently-featured Saraswati Mnemonics: Endless Exploration deck by demoy. I'm calling the Macrophage, Cyberdex Sandbox, Cyberdex Virus Suite card set "PurgePay™" from henceforth! xD

Vulnerability Audit (underplayed in my opinion) helped rush faster and free up space, as did shifting some of my econ over to Macrophages. I'm sure this can be improved a bit more, I never used Arella Salvatore, but she's theoretically worth 9 inf. Running less than three NAPD Cordon is a very unnecessary handicap, adding those was my best decision. The virus purging might be silly but I loved it, I have been excited to make janky decks with a Cyberdex Sandbox econ engine since it was spoiled and it didn't dissapoint, very entertaining! Not having to worry about Aumakua or Pelangi is a blessing! None of the games were even close, the new runner meta will have to be prepared for rush decks it appears.

My runner deck didn't fare so well, Hoshiko Shiro: Untold Protagonist only beat Pālanā Foods: Sustainable Growth losing to GameNET: Where Dreams are Real and AgInfusion: New Miracles for a New World, barely. Won off of SoS. Lots of Corp splits tonight.

16 Jan 2020 nahtal

in that case...a like and a late happy birthday ;)

17 Jan 2020 Caedus

@nahtalthanks so much! :)