Big Wu - Worlds #1 non-MaxX Big deck XD

maninthemoon 262

I have been wanting to do a full write up like I did with my Corp Deck, but I have been too busy. I will just try and hit the main points. Please put any questions in the comments, I will be happy to try and explain my reasoning.

I came into worlds believing shaper was real underdog and even though I did well I haven't changed my mind. There are a lot of reasons Shaper isn't super viable right now, but for the past 5 months I have only been playing Wu because I think it's so fun!! The ID is one of the coolest ever printing and extremely interested to play. Winning is really rewarding, because it requires making a lot of really good choices all game long.

I was going to play MaxX, but realized I was a sub par MaxX and didn't really like the archetype. I kept fiddling with Wu, but I was never quite able to get a list I liked. About a week before worlds I had a revelation. I never wanted to draw programs! I only ever wanted to draw Pawn Shop and Money! So I just added every viable money and draw card and everything improved. I won't say this is a top tire deck, but after 5 months of building I'm convinced that 55 cards is significantly better then 45 for the Reaver shop archetype I'm playing. The down side to 55 cards is not fining pawn shop fast. This deck packs significant draw and it's not usually too hard to find. In the 7 games I played in worlds during one of them it took me 40 cards to find pawn shop and my deck still won. I also managed to deck myself once and get close a few other times, the increased amount of cards felt important.

This deck has very solid early game pressure with Mayfly + Flameout or Overclock, and once you have pawnshop this deck makes bank and can consistently get into servers the corp thinks are safe. This deck has a good matchup vs PD. Score most of the points out of remotes, or with touring wheel counters. Vs assist yellow get misdirection and then just ignore everything rezed except san san and score out of HQ, R&D, and checking new installs. Try to have some money so HHN isn't free, but misdirection just wins this matchup for you unless you really mess up. Vs NA gag check remotes for agendas and recoco, bluff clot and have money. Focus on the remotes don't let them score off the table, try to have enough money to pull misdirection to clear HHN even with Eco warfare (just keep track of the numbers). Don't run iced centrals until you're rich, but once you are the ice is paper just crush them. Vs EU gag get rich, check remotes for False Lead and just hammer HQ and R&D.

The deck felt pretty good vs some of the strongest corps and I'm really glad I stuck to my guns and took it to worlds.

I think the 3 games I lost were all down to inexperience. I lost two games to yellow glacier I really haven't practiced that more then a few times. The 3rd game was vs euro Gag and I had already beat 2x of the American Gags before my game vs @Pinzle and once I knew what was going on it was pretty much too late.

This is one of the best most exciting games of the day. Thanks @analyzechris Replay

This is the 241 70 minute ACME game I lost, missing the cut by 2 credits. Replay

Thanks to all my opponents! Thanks for the continued encouragement @FireRL, @smittyl, @CryptoGraham, and @Runaway and to @Radiant your solid meta reads and skepticism gave me something to prove XD

30 Nov 2021 postis

And it plays spec work too! I have to try this.

2 Dec 2021 xFWx FIREBIRD

😅"Winning is really rewarding, because it requires making a lot of really good choices all game long." - exactly why I stopped playing Wu! Too much tourney burn... But congrats!

20 Jan 2022 Blackwing

Why run Ika? What do you do if they trash the ice it's on and you don't have simulchip?

21 Jan 2022 maninthemoon

Ika is in the deck so I could face check Drafter and Ansel with smc and only pay 7 or 8 instead of 13 or 14 to do the same thing with Engolo. I rarely moved it and if the corp trashed the ice that was a huge gain for me in most situations. Magnet is a bigger issue than the ice being trashed, but it still served a purpose in the PD matchup. Thanks for asking.