Find the StealthPunk (1st @ Hungarian Nationals)

Odol 1201

This is the list that took me to the first place at a 20-player Hungarian Nationals this weekend.

The core of it is the good old Stealthpunk deck, with a couple of tweaks adjusting it to the current meta. The most notable innovation is that I got rid of Paperclip that no longer is the most efficient barrier breaker for modern ice suites. Now that we live in the word of Hagens and Border Controls, it is actually cheaper to use Cleaver instead.

This assumes, of course, that the first breaker we get out is Penrose that we can efficiently use against Hagen before we have the full breaker suite on the table. On the off chance that we face other big bad barriers, we can break them with Simulchipped Penrose until we build up a couple of Takobi counters. In the world where Ganked! is a thing, that green pseudo-Datasucker helps us deal with Anansi without spending additional stealth credits. It is not needed in most matchups, but it is good to have around as a security measure.

The multiaccess plan changes as well - now that Blamechanger is no longer around every corner and corps tend to ice up central servers a little more, Jailbreak is no longer that reliable. Instead, I went for Find the Truth in combination with Top Hat. These two effectively become a zero cost R&D Interface, but separately I still find them amazing... especially with a Mad Dash to get that agenda off the top of RnD Adam-style.

We can also always just Imp an agenda and Dash into Archives, but here any sleeper Doctor can rain on our mad parade. Our good friend Councilman is here to prevent this spin... and also to avoid any Void in remote servers - it is rare to see corps prerez their anoetic toys these days in respect of possible members of the government secretly cooperating with the runner.

Last but not least, I am also playing a single copy of Because I Can. Please do not hesitate to ask me why and I will be more than happy to answer.

As always, I give you this list forever. Feel free to play around with it and modify it to your liking. Always Be Smoking!

I would like to thank everyone who took part in the Hungarian Nationals for an amazing event, and to @Necro for organizing it. Rock on!

27 Nov 2021 Jinsei

Why do you play...actually...nevermind.

27 Nov 2021 Longi

Still smoking. Unbelieveabe. Congrats, mate!

28 Nov 2021 Larrea

It's amazing how you just put cards in the deck and somehow they work.

29 Nov 2021 percomis

Congrats on the finish!

Last but not least, I am also playing a single copy of Because I Can. Please do not hesitate to ask me why and I will be more than happy to answer.

Is this the Netrunner version of "Ask me about Loom" from Monkey Island? :D

29 Nov 2021 Odol

Thanks guys!

@percomis good one :D

It was just a bait, but the answer that is slightly longer than "Because I Can!" would be that CTM is arguably my worst matchup, so having a single flex slot made me choose a card that is a decent answer to that pesky SanSan-MVT server that also happens to shuffle some of those DBSed agendas from the bottom of RnD back into its accessible areas.

30 Nov 2021 Saja_PL

Big Conglatulation.