Silence Kit v1.5

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"This is the city liiiiiiiiife"

[EDIT]: This is my updated list after quite a lot of playing. Many thanks to @metafox for their excellent suggestion of changing the console to The Gauntlet. Adds much needed HQ pressure. And is stylish.

Disclaimer: I've turned off the first 2 cycles since I don't see the point in designing with cards that are about to rotate. That being said, I don't think anything from Genesis or Spin is actually needed for this deck.

This here is the single-breaker Kit deck I've been playing around with since Inversificator came out. It draws a lot of inspiration from my friend @drmastodon and his old Yogdor deck.


The basic concept is simple. Step one: install Magnum Opus. Step 2: install Inversificator. Step 3: run anywhere you damn please for the rest of the game, particularly R&D.


Kit's problem used to be servers that got deeper than 1 ice. Well, allow me to teach you Code Fu...

Level 0: Do you even Kit? Any single ice is a code gate to you and is easily dispatched without breaking a cyborg-sweat.

Level 1: Swap Attack (AKA "Ice Skating" AKA "Sort of like Surfer"). On a 2 ice Server, hit the first ice, codify it, break it, and then swap it with the ice behind and break it again (it's still a Code Gate until end of run!), bypassing whatever other ice was there. That means you can always get into any 2 ice server with nothing else going on.

Level 2: "Battlefield Control". If the server is only 1 deep, OR if there's a code gate at the back already, you can force a corp to rez all their ice one by one as you run the same server each turn and toss a new unrezzed piece in front of it. This makes them spend money, but there's another benefit. In the later game, you'll be hammering R&D, since that's what Shapers love, so you can gradually move all the easiest code gates over to R&D and stack them as you see fit (at the back - you want any non-gates up front to trigger your ID ability).

Level 3: "Spoon-Technique" Kit is short on influence, but that didn't stop me from spending 60% of it on something I can eat ice cream with. I love ice cream. Also, with your five (2+3 Same Old Thing - actually 10 in a REALLY long game with Levy AR Lab Access) Spooned, you can murder troublesome big ice and keep important servers light enough on ice that you can keep getting in.

PSA: Contrary to what I initially believed, you CANNOT Spoon a piece of ice, swap it back, and then let it die (thus bypassing the ice that was formally behind it). This is because, unlike Prey (which has the same "on pass" trigger condition as Inversificator's swap ability), Spooned triggers BEFORE passing, on "breaking all subroutines." This is sad, but hardly crippling. Spooning ice is still a wonderful use of a click.

Level 4: "Bird Technique" - what to do with that spare SMC now that you have your money and breaker? Egret let's you get 1 deeper on a server by permanently "painting" the ice at the back into a Code Gate. Now you can do your level 1 flip attack on the outer 2 ice and Egret-Style your way through the last one.

Level 5: But what if you can't find Spooned, or you run out, or they just have a ton of ice. Surely that 4 deep server of all barriers has defeated you. NO! Allow me to introduce you to the final, and most forbidden technique: The DOUBLE INVERSION (think of the tax benefits!). Turns out, while Inversificator only let's you do the Swap Attack once per turn, that is only PER COPY. They'l never see the surprise Modded into second Inversificator into the bottom of their "impenetrable" server. You just use your spare copy to pull of a second Swap Attack after the first and there you go.

So now you're all: I know Kung Fu

CARD CHOICES What about the rest of the deck? Basically it consists of Setup, Econ, and various utilities to give you more and more power as the game goes on.

Econ/Setup: The usual suspects - you want to find Magnum Opus and Inversificator as fast as possible and even if it takes 3 turns, it is worth it. Once you have Opus, the other econ cards are more there for click efficiency than raw money.

Draw: Honestly, I wish I had more. Other than the obvious Diesel, Patron and Beth are your draw. You need it early if you can't find one of your 2 pieces, and late game, you're usually just looking for more Spoons and Eyes.

Console: The Gauntlet All credit to @metafox for this genius addition. I dropped 1 Aaron Marrón (with great sadness) for 2 of these and haven't looked back. The power glove is great for several reasons: First it provides much needed HQ pressure to diversify your threats. At worst, it is an HQ Interface with 2 memory. Second, it gives you 2 memory instead of Astrolabe's 1, which can be relevant in a deck using SMC and Magnum. Third, it is a nice target for Modded. And fourth, it looks awesome. I love the Power Glove. It's so bad.

It's so bad

PSA: There is a little anti-synergy with Inversificator and The Gauntlet in that if you Swap Attack a 2 ice HQ, you have only broken all subs on a single ice (twice in a row), meaning you only get one trigger. But double access is still a HUGE difference from single access when you're talking about HQ. Also, Inversificator has positive synergy in that it lets you put rezzed ice in front of HQ if you had to install the Power Glove before they rezzed their HQ ice (often Corps will just not rez the HQ ice when The Gauntlet is down).

Gameplan-Focused Utility: Spooned is obviously absurd with Kit. It lets you kill anything since you can always make it a Code Gate. And better yet, with Inversificator there is no more throwing a Pop-Up Window in front of the non Code Gate. Just Swap Attack and then Spoon! Only Kit's unnecessary "I was printed in 2013" handicapped influence prevents me from including the full three.

The Maker's Eye: A classic that, unlike Indexing isn't rotating and doesn't require a second run in the same turn (can be an issue for Kit). Good for an early dig, or to combo late with Equivocation and "Freedom Through Equality" for your winning points.

"Freedom Through Equality": When you know you can get in, this is a great card to have around. Since you can dig 4 on R&D with a The Maker's Eye + Equivocation run, you have a decent shot it nailing it the first time round. And you can always get it back with Same Old Thing if they clear it before you cash it in.

Same Old Thing: both of the previous events can be recurred with SOT, and they are both the sort that you want as many of as you can get.

Equivocation: The more I use this more in love I am. What if R&D Interface interface only cost 2, was something you could fetch with SMC, and let you keep seeing new cards even if you don't trash? Well, then it would be in my deck. And it is. Oh, and it stacks with The Maker's Eye.

Egret: I used to have more of these, but I have found that the situations where you really need this (ie. you can't handle a server with Code Fu levels 0-4) are limited. They do exist though, so it doesn't hurt to have 1 copy on call.

The Personal Touch: This used to be Dedicated Processor, but I realized that that card only gives you more long term benefit if you are repeatedly hitting something high strength like DNA Tracker. If you hit DNA Tracker you should just Spoon it and move on. The Personal Touch is provides a benefit more of the time.

General Utility: Aaron Marrón: Originally I just had 3x Spooned and then I decided I'd like to win sometimes if their ID was Yellow or Green, so I put him in. Also, turns out he's great for draw even if they aren't trying to tag you.

Film Critic: Is there really a reason not to have at least 1 if you are Shaper? Makes Jinteki matchups MUCH easier and can blank assorted other nonsense.

Beth Kilrain-Chang: All around all-star. Gives you so much incremental advantage over the course of the game. Especially great in a deck that takes a few turns setting up (meaning the Corp is likely to have a war chest going).

Levy AR Lab Access: No reason not to have an insurance policy if the game goes long.

CONCLUSION So there you have it. Matrix References, Pavement References, its like we're back in the 90's playing Original Flavor Netrunner. Except that most of you probably weren't born. God I'm old...

I hope you have as much fun with this as I do!

3 Jul 2017 analyzechris

Upvoted for Pavement reference.

3 Jul 2017 GhostTown

I was also building a Kit deck but with Dedicated Processor and Yog.0 when I saw a recording using a previous version of this deck. It looks so much more cleaner than mine and will definitely be trying it out.

Without trying it yet, my only concern is fast advance since there is no Clot. Do you find your 1/turn Kit effect is enough to place enough pressure?

3 Jul 2017 syntaxbad

Just updated the description to reflect the major changes in this version.

``@CWoodward`: You are correct, the plan against FA is just to race them. This deck is deceptively good at applying pressure, since you can move their ice around and force them to rex more pieces than they would like (which slows down their FA plan). Plus, if you suspect they are hoarding FA tools in HQ, you have the Power Glove.

@analyzechris "We got the money!"

4 Jul 2017 Kathan

Question, what if you use spooned and inversificator. What happens first? Can you switch that ice with another in another server and then destroy it, cleaning the other server of ice? Or you just destroy the ice and continue?

5 Jul 2017 GhostTown

@KathanI believe that Spponed procs first. This is because Spooned triggers when all subs are broken and for Inversificator to trigger you must pass the ICE. So, the ICE will be destroyed before you can move it with Inversificator.

My observations of the decks from the other day helped me learn how to pilot this deck. It is very susceptible to BOOM, especially early on. Kit and The Gauntlet are somewhat countersynergistic. This is because you will only ever break 1 ICE on your HQ run. It's good enough HQ pressure since this deck can't afford any other influence but don't go expecting a full hand sweep. Lastly, don' reveal Daredevil too early, at least until your mostly set up. I had a game or too where the Corp decided to not be my draw engine and just cherry pick their ICE. This really shut off the deck for the balance of cards, money, pressure, and hand size, Then again, it was Jinteki so your mileage may vary. A very fun deck but learning the timing of it can be tricky.