New Neue alte Scheiße(Fite Club Edition) (copy)(6th at BLM)

Heinzel 1279


The new banlist is here, it's the time of innovation, so innovate i did.
Cut one stupid enigma for a sturdy sandstone and called it a day.
Expecting an increase in 419 being played and nothing new coming out that's threatening Titan it seemed like a great deck choice.
The deck went 5-1 in swiss and 1-1 in the cut.

Clot is annoying but it's not as bad as it once was. Shaper decks seem slow and simulchip is bad at recurring clot since you need to sacrifice a program to get it back. Recoco Dedication ceremony let's you bait a clot without committing an agenda to the board, because when they don't clot you can just install the atlas, use recoco and score since you have priority in your turn. Since the deck usually ices the remote to enable rashida or wall to wall the recoco can also be annoying to trash afterwards. The deck playing 3 CVS also helps.

10 Jul 2020 ilksvorbern

I'm really interested in the ice suite here!

Is it essentially 'enough early + cheap etr to give you time to win'?

13 Jul 2020 internet_potato

Not my deck, but yes. I would swap some barriers for 2 Guard with the idea of making the runner find a killer.