Need Maw Tapwrms!

Quarg 273

A fairly simple Tapwrm Smoke deck, built to smash fast advance decks.

Did ok at Reading's October GNK, with 3 wins and 2 losses.

Round 1: Sam's trap-only AG Infusion deck was a real problem for this, and having no AI breaker was the death of me, as he scored two 5/3s and a Clowns ain't Dudes behind a Mother Goddess while Indexing was pulling blanks.

Round 2: Rahul was not having a fun time as he struggled to draw ice, and Maw managed to land 3 Future Perfects in the bin, and though I didn't manage to steal all of them before he Preemtived the last one back, it was only a matter of time before I scored the last agenda to close the game.

Round 3: Johno's Titan deck was woefully unprepared for dealing with Clot, and a seeming indexing whiff showed two Trick of Lights, that I was able to shuffle away by running into the Miraju on HQ, He managed to Hunter Seeker Maw, but again, it was only a matter of time until I managed to close the game.

Round 4: Alex Borril's Cybernetic Ice Cream Parlour gave Smoke a real brain freeze, successfully getting me to 0 hand size between a Cerebral Overwriter, me hitting a Ravana one credit shy of breaking it completely, and Enforced Curfew, and it was only a matter of time until I hit an agenda, and he Punitive'd me for the win.

Round 5: CI was under prepared for dealing with Tapwrm and Clot, I think the lone unpurged Tapwrm (with the singular Sac Con I found for it) easily got me 20 credits that game, which with the final steal coming down to me having only about 2 more credits than needed, clearly made the difference.

Some Thoughts

Tapwrm is totally bonkers. It's either as good of a drip as Bloo Moose ever was, or it's a 4-5 click Hyperdriver... admittedly with no Opus in the deck that's less significant, but even so, that's mad, especially when you throw Sac Con into the mix.

Maw is a totally solid console, and is well worth the influence if you make the deck capable of reliably getting at least one access a turn.

Dai V is a must have for Smoke, as it fills the role of being an AI breaker, which can be very important for dealing with things like Mother Goddess, Excalibur and Loki, and it also lets you actually break Tour Guide without Switchblade.

Armitage Codebusting may be worth considering, to make clicking for credits more effective, as it turns out that Tapwrm, though extremely strong, cannot be the only econ you rely on, especially if the corp purges it or spends their money.