Peace Gate

Pinkwarrior 2331

A Rezeki econ based deck. (I mean of course it is its WU what else you gonna use?)

So far in testing this has been treating me much better than the old Stimhack versions. I've been using this with a far better win rate and mostly its been down to a change in ideals, that been Peace in Our Time is a Shaper card so you should use it.

So why PioT / Stimhack reasons for:

You don't take damage so lose nothing from hand & keep that hand size.

You can happily use all of them later after your setup as you don't need to worry about using all the credits / taking so much brain damage that you can't play (like been unable to steal Obokata).

You don't need to run to get the money so if they ICE'd all their servers / are MTI your still fine.

It powers up Beth Kilrain-Chang.

You get 9 credits not 8. (smc 2, rezeki 2, x2 =8).

You can spend the money on other things. (like removing tags)

Can be use even if you have 2 Rezeki in hand and can get all 3 down if theirs 1 in your hand also. (don't get 3 less you have a Clone Chip in hand tho you may need to get in)

Downsides: You can't run like Sitm.

You give the corp money. (your shaper tho and not having econ denial means the corp is always going to have money).

You can't play it if they scored.

Variation to other rezeki WU lists.

NetChip this is to replace Leprechaun & Cyberdelia as MU, the reasons for this is their cheaper and don't hit your tempo as much. they don't require you to have free MU to work either unlike Leprechaun and are harder to hit than Lep been hardware. You don't get the credits for breaking ICE this way but you save 2 credits on install which is massive when you can only get 1 credit a turn anyway from cyber.

Stargate / R&D Interface. Saves deck slots and tempo as you only need 1 Stargate to have an equivalent to 2 RDI's, It also bypass's traps so help against the grindy killing decks and allows you to run "Freedom Through Equality" for an extra point against thos nothing but 3 pointer decks.

Exclusive Party decent econ it basically works out at a bit better than running 6x Process Automation which is actually good in shaper with a lack of draw and econ cards. Their could be an argument for running Deuces Wild/Stimhack/Build Script in this deck slot but this works for me so I've not gotten to testing if they'd work better.


Why levy? Levy AR Lab Access honestly it's rare i ever actually need it and is a pretty flexible slot generally one run through your deck is all you need to keep the econ flowing, Mad Dash maybe a good swap here I just like having that lifeline and haven't found anything else to be worth while as of yet.

Would Crowdfunding not work here? not really you could only really fit 2 in the deck for Exclusive Party which is going to slow you down some add on that the deck only really wants to make the one run a turn generally though it would be nice for assett spam decks.

No console? No most Shaper consoles are rubbish, you don't need them and it would cost inf to get something useful, so why bother?

Takobi? Had no inf for Datasucker honestly its rare it gets used but when it dose it can really help.

Net Celebrity? just their to clear currents if you need to and can supplement you some cash, its not fantastic but it dose it's job.

24 Apr 2019 Japoco

If you really Don't get to levy that often - would Film Critic be better?

24 Apr 2019 Pinkwarrior

@Japoco It would have some use but with Stargate you often don't need it. It's a flexible slot tho so if you prefer FC go that route.

I would also like to point out id change the build abit if going to a tournament. I havn't been seeing much MTI so this build is what I am using but if you do see alot of it (which you probably will at a tourney) id swap over to a slower build using Deuces Wild,Employee Strike & Daily Casts over Levy AR Lab Access,Net Celebrity & Exclusive Party. As the build stands the only real way to deal with MTI is to have both Laamb's up.

1 May 2019 Pinkwarrior

Quick update now the new MWL has hit swap Levy AR Lab Access for Feedback Filter that is all.