OKORINA except it’s a Corp (5-0 and 1st Place)

Sokka 1322

This deck took me to the top of the first ever OKORINA tournament along with The Class Act

The ID is Glenn Station.

Glenn Station allows a card to be hosted and essentially removed from the game until you want it back again. So once the Government Takeover is on Glenn Station (with Fast Track) then I can start never-advancing Wall to Walls and False Leads in a remote. The win is accomplished in one of two ways, both having 9 advancements on ice already. The first is to have 13 credits and double Biotic along with Red Planet Couriers in hand. Or if I only found a single Biotic and I’m on 9 credits then I can take the Government Takeover into hand for a turn and keep the runner out with False Lead(s) and Border Control(s) on HQ. With the Government Takeover out of the game, The agenda density of centrals is now extremely low and the runner usually needs to find all 3 GFIs to win the game. 3 of the 1-pointers scored and this is guaranteed. If there’s a scoring window to jam a GFI and score it then there probably isn’t even enough points for the runner to score out anymore.

Should have probably played Cayambe Grid........tho Priority Construction is actually pretty good. Secure and Protect is very nice (and quite good here) to find Border Controls to defend HQ (to stop Embezzle in addition to the above). I had double Embezzle in my runner deck expecting to see a lot of high impact operations in this format. No Embezzles were played against me on the day but I think stacking Border Controls on HQ makes a lot of sense here because it also serves to protect the Government Takeover if it needs to be held there for a turn.

I didn’t really think about Clot all that much to be honest, so when I ran into a clot deck in round 5 I had to improvise. Time was quickly running out too. Shaper has a lot less central pressure than criminals so I was able to build a remote with a triple advanced Akhet and a 4 advanced Colossus. With a Clot and Simulchip on the table, and knowing that time would be called any second, I put a Border Control on the remote and then moved the Government Takeover from Glenn Station to the remote and somehow passed the turn perfectly before time was called (seriously, check out the stream footage (last 10 minutes of stream). I wasn’t actively watching the time. I knew at around the 30 second mark but after that it was an estimate as I tried to figure out if I could win). The tax of an 8 strength Colossus was too much to run twice, and with a False Lead ability, I was able to score out in the tightest of margins.

I love new formats where there’s new deck building involved. Such a refreshing experience! Huge shoutouts to @Sanjay for running these things and to @amavric for streaming!

1 Jun 2020 Möbius Striptease

Glenn Station/Government Takeover is so mean.

1 Jun 2020 Cpt_nice

This is def the way better version of this deck

1 Jun 2020 Sokka

@Cpt_nice I would definitely say that your deck has it’s merits tho. MCA Austerity on the board for two turns is equal to double Biotic and it put on a lot of pressure (at least when you played against me). I think Cayambe Grid is definitely better than Priority Construction (the main reason I lost that game was because I couldn’t run your remote too many more times due to the Cayambe Grid tax). In this version of the deck, I don’t really need to build a real remote to win the game and I won a few games just letting the runner access my low density centrals because they usually need to find all 3 GFIs

1 Jun 2020 Solomir

I joked with the folks in the Vancouver group to do Glenn Station/Takeover. Good to see it's not just a meme deck.