In Noise We Trust - 2nd Store Champ. Leuven, Belgium

roeiboot4 105

Good old Noise. Why not? This deck very much avoids anything that has to do with the MWL and various meta-calls, but simply runs like it did a couple years ago: Get money off of Cache and Pawnshop, and install all the viruses you have. If the corp gets careless, snipe the remote with the disposable breakers, while keeping the Hades Shard threat in your hand.

Went 3/4 in Swiss with wins against Spark, Biotech, and Sync, the loss against a Titan.

16 Apr 2017 clercqie

Congrats on second place and thanks for the great game! :-) Shame I couldn't play against this Noise, cause it's a very intense matchup.

13 May 2017 aero

Good 'ol boy noise. Did you have any Ark Lockdown type problems?

19 May 2017 roeiboot4

@aero to my big suprise I didn't. Focus was obviously Friends in High Places...