The Unicorn -- Undefeated, 10th at CBI

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Another blissful morning after a night of passion, except today, the rich aroma of a dark roast fills the room. Mr. Muntal comes back into the bedroom with his ritualistic newspaper and snuggles next to Ms. Bost. She's reading that mystery novel he gave her several weeks back. She murmurs as he entwines their legs.

"Darling, you're hogging the bed."

"What do you mean? You have plenty of room."

"Yes, but our guest won't fit now."

A deep voice like honey speaks gently from the wicker chair aside the bed: "Do not worry—I am happy right where I am."


I don't know if any card in this list is unique from any other reg PD at CBI. If there is one, credit goes to Radiant, from whom I steal all my decks. Sam plays PD like I complain about not knowing what to bring to tournaments, which is to say constantly and with optimal performance. It's too bad he was stuck TOing this event, because he would have been the top finishing PD otherwise.

I was worried about bringing PD to CBI because it had done so well at the online CO the previous weekend that I expected a lot of hate, especially in the form of Bankhar. I played a bit of it the week leading up to CBI with fellow Bosters and it felt ok. It can brick on ice in the early game, and the single Anoetic Void in the initial list wasn't cutting it against Mawshiko decks. Sam refined it, and I flailed around for a while before deciding to take reg PD and aim for top half prizes.


Turns out PD is really, really good. It carried me to 10th place finish. I'm really glad he put in the second Anoetic, as finding it early makes runners basically give up on the remote.

Notes on slots

  1. This list is super reg, there are no notes
  2. Vovô Ozetti is a generous lover


  1. vs Loup: double iced every server, effective lockout. This is tied for longest game of the day clocking in at 12 turns.
  2. vs Esâ: I was really worried about this matchup, especially with only two Spin Doctors. But little known fact: PD's ability lets you grab ANY card in Archives, not just Seamless Launch! Snag that milled Spin Doctor and carry on. Still, it took a while to stabilize, but was able to do the Luminal -> Ikawah thing to win.
  3. vs Mulch Loup: very scary deck. You can feel the lock coming, and there's nothing you can do about it--except hope PD can go faster than Loup can get down pieces. In the end I got a little lucky as runner missed the winning Seamless 3 times on HQ, but I think this was corp favored even if the Seamless is hit, as the runner was only on 2 points and the remote could hold for another turn.
  4. vs Mawshiko: Runner doesn't get Bankhar down turn 1, so I keep pushing. Not down turn 2, so I keep pushing. Score out in 6 turns. PD fast!

Memes courtesy of Wentagon. Performance courtesy of Muntal Bost. Props to NSG for throwing a banger of a tournament, and congrats to teammate maninthemoon for the top 8 finish! Glad Bost could secure at least one of those playmats.

15 Jan 2024 Radiant

Always down for more Bost lore

Congrats on the excellent placement <3

15 Jan 2024 BinkBonkle


15 Jan 2024 xFWx FIREBIRD (aka FireRL)

"Notes on slots

  1. This list is super reg, there are no notes
  2. Vovô Ozetti is a generous lover"

got 2x lol slots 😂

15 Jan 2024 OF15-15

big hug mug, I love it

15 Jan 2024 Wentagon

The lore deepens 👀

15 Jan 2024 maninthemoon

Congratulations @ThatsNoMun 🎊