I did 7 brain damage in a single run

NinjaMike 240

This deck went 1-3 in the Montreal online GNK. My 1 win dealt 7 brain damage in a single run. My other games were pretty uneventful and didn't draw cards in the best order, or my opponent missed the Snare!s in HQ to kill themselves.

But my one glorious win, last click the runner Stimhacks the remote that has 2 upgrades and a double-advanced card, with 4 cards in hand. I rez Tyr, rez Marcus Batty, win the psi game to deal 2 brain. Rez another Batty, win the psi game for another 2 brain. Runner is now dead at the end of the run from Stimhack, but they continue anyway.

They break the subs on Tyr, then go face first into the Cerebral Overwriter for another 2 brain, plus the Stimhack makes 7.

So even though I finished 14th out of 16, I feel like I won a moral victory. This deck is a lot of fun to play, but I think I might need a bit more draw to get my agendas installed better. This works best when you can just install-advance-advance multiple turns in a row.

I also forgot my ID trigger multiple times over the day.

29 Mar 2020 s.fritzi

As the unfortunate runner in question I can say that I've never been happier to have my brain turned to jelly.

29 Mar 2020 LynxMegaCorp

You dealt 6... Clickbait even on here, lol!