SFT is dumb - 1st @ Bologna SC

koga 2890

Just a slightly edited version of Tablet ASA.

I cut the CVS for a second FC3 because I like seeing ice early and it annoys anarchs so much. I wanted to have my brain melt at the first SC in meatspace, so I thought I'd bring this + Geist and I ended up winning, going 5-0 with this sick deck. SFT is dumb and I even got a turn 6 win vs Sunny.

Loved the event, loved the people as always, hope I can get to play with 'em all again soon <3

15 Sep 2020 Simone Suka

Yeah they just killed my gamenet but kept this sheit alive <.<

15 Sep 2020 koga

This deck can totally lose, I almost lost to both Freedom and Apoc Hoshiko (like, very close games) and at least the games are quick :P

16 Sep 2020 Simone Suka

and I used to win turn 3 with double punitive in gamenet :P