NEXT King of England v10

magikot 1984

After long last, I've dusted off my baby and bring you version 10 of my NEXT King of England deck!!


We have a pretty standard agenda suite for the new era of HB decks.

Accelerated Beta Test - This card is king. With 20 ice we're going to almost always hit something when we fire it.

Global Food Initiative - Pretty standard two-of in glacier builds. A 5/3 that protects itself by being only worth 2 points to the runner? Ok!

Project Vitruvius - More often than not a blank 3/2, being able to over advance it to get back a Restructure or a piece of ice is always useful.

Corporate Sales Team - A 10 drip to power up the key to the deck.

Economic Package

In addition to the economy agendas above, we have a very robust economy. This deck doesn't want for credits often. Melange Mining Corp. early will rocket us into 20, 30, 40+ credits very quickly. Hedge Fund and Restructure provide quick bursts of large amounts of credits. Adonis Campaign is a staple in any HB deck for the great drip it provides. Lateral Growth further pushes our credits higher while giving a free install. Restructure is the cherry on top. Very rarely will you ever be clicking for a single credit unless you really, really want to.

Ice Package

NEXT Suite

The NEXT suite of ICE - NEXT Bronze, NEXT Silver, and NEXT Gold - are the cornerstone of our deck. Silver is very weak to parasite, but I regularly get it up to 6 or 7 subroutines against decks that don't focus on parasite recursion. Bronze can become beastly and Gold is very dangerous.

Grail Suite

We back our NEXT suite with the Grail ICE suite of Galahad, Merlin, and Lancelot. Galahad, like Silver, is weak to parasite, but a barrier that can deal damage or trash programs has a significant surprise factor and can open up scoring windows for us. Merlin has gotten me a fair number of turn 1 kills. Even when it hasn't, I find the runner really slows down when they see Grail ice because of the threats of Merlin and Excalibur (which we don't include). Lancelot rarely gets installed, but is always ready to present a tax and a threat.

Supplemental ICE

We supplement our two primary suites of ICE with powerful HB and Neutral ICE. Turing usually goes entirely on the scoring remote to keep Faust and other AIs away, but putting one on R&D will shut down the occasional Eater + Keyhole strategy. Mother Goddess boosts our NEXT pieces by another point, and if she's in your opening hand makes for a great remote piece of ice for early rushing of ABT or Sales Team, or for protecting a Melange for quick clicking of credits.

The Rest

Jackson Howard and the new ridiculously powerful king of glacier decks, Sandburg round out the deck. Sandburg is love, Sandburg is life. Protect your Sandburgs. Sandburg can push the strength of our weaker barriers to monstrous levels, ensure that we hit with NEXT Gold or Merlin, bankrupt the runner or deplete their hand with stronger code gates, and so much more.

Interns can get us back any ice that happens to get trashed or a Sandburg.

Jackson Howard is Jackson Howard and does what Jackson Howard does, now 100% creepier thanks to his alt art promo.

Future Considerations

Dropping the Lateral and Restructure and going all in on the sexy bot suite with Eve Campaign and Breaker Bay Grid.

23 Jul 2016 esutter479 beautiful. Favorited! :)

23 Jul 2016 ClubbingSealCub

Why interns when you're playing HB? You can just use archived memories.

Unless you're frequently using Interns to install an ice from archives in a very outward position.

23 Jul 2016 moistloaf

Is restructure better than BLC? I like BLC in my own similar NEXT build

24 Jul 2016 romanoSoprano

Actually this might be a rare case where Interns is better than AM ;o

24 Jul 2016 magikot

@moistloaf Blc will get the grail ice into your hand faster but doesn't power up Sandburg as much, restructure powers Sandburg faster so ice is stronger to draw into the extra ice naturally. In the end I feel it's a tie between the two.

@ClubbingSealCub because it saves credits so you aren't weakening Sandburg.

25 Jul 2016 CodeMarvelous

I am going to give this a go, how often do you fire ABTs?

25 Jul 2016 magikot

@CodeMarvelous casually, always. But if I'm playing seriously I'll fire it if I have seen less than half of my ice.

26 Jul 2016 Everfree616

I love it. I've always been an advocate for NEXT Design and run a similar deck myself. I know deckslots are tight, but have you considered Magnet to help fight Parasite?

26 Jul 2016 magikot

@Everfree616 I have, especially after last night where I went up against heavy parasite recursion. I might drop a Turing or Two for it. That said. Sandburg kept a Silver and a Gold alive even with 8 parasite counters on them, until I made a misplay and dropped my credits too low, killing off my own ice.

2 Aug 2016 magikot

Took what is the start of build 11 of this to a gnk last night going 3-1. Modifications: -3 lateral growth, -1 Turing, +2 magnet, +1 ash, +1 CVS.

Game 1 vs rebirth Val: this was a very close match with both of us on game point. I am way ahead on money and successfully IA and bluff out a CVS on a 4 deep remote as an ash, so I win my next turn. I have an agenda in hand so he has a 20% chance to pull it and one more agenda somewhere in r&d. He pulls agenda from hands on last click. I lost.

Vs geist spy cams - an early ABT hits 3 giving me enough defenses to get a quick sales team after. After a bit of bank and forth I win 8-4.

Vs geist spy cams again - new opponent same deck. Unfortunately after a mulligan she never drew into any street peddlers, tech traders or hostages so her economy never really got going. Also having not seen any of my grail ice she ran into a 6 strength Merlin with only 3 cards in hand. Win via flatline.

Vs null - he had a lot of difficulty with early code gates. A mother goddess protecting a melange from turn 1 gave me a ton of credits to further block him with code gates. Eater gets into R&D on a few keyhole runs killing sandburgs and ice while the cutlery takes out a few installed pieces of ice. In the end mother goddess proved to be too much for null and I score out 7-0.