Cybermod Kit [42nd @ Worlds]

lukifer 996

My Good-Stuff Opus Kit build for Worlds, paired with a better-performing NEXT Corp. Went 4-4, whiffing on day 2 to keep me out of the cut (with one loss on each day from gross misplays on my part). Nothing too special, but built to be a little more aggressive than most Opus decks, sometimes catching rush Corps by surprise.

Modded lowers the tempo hit from installing Opus, and takes the sting out of installing The Gauntlet. If they don't rez HQ ice to "play around" Gauntlet, single potshots are worth it in a post-Jackson world, and can pressure a remote rush you can Stimhack. Dhegdheer lets you fill memory without fear; you can get by without your console if necessary.

Packing Gordian Blade and Cyber-Cypher is a bit weird, but ends up working well. I was originally all-in on CyCy, but it was a little too fragile. Keeping both early aggression with late-game reliability works well. An obsolete CyCy obsolete makes a good Scavenge target.

Beth was MVP in all sorts of matchups; I should really have two.

Tapwrm does work (I used to run two), but is honestly probably not necessary, and should probably be 1-2x PolOp instead.

Femme Fatale is clutch against all sorts of things. We have full support from Test Run and Scavenge, which is good value in a post-Temüjin economy. In the absence of Clone Chip, either card can also be used to rescue Clot, reset Atman, move CyCy, or recharge Cerberus "Lady" H1.

The Maker's Eye instead of Indexing lets us apply R&D pressure early, with only a decoder, and/or on low money. Our lategame lock will be mostly from Turning Wheel and/or Equivocation.

Feedback Filter feels necessary, but did zero work: never found it vs. IG, and milled it with the first PU hit; otherwise it never mattered and just took up space.

Atman was nearly cut, but was put back after getting locked out of 8-ice (Loki-MoGo-Excalibur) CI.

Stimhack still wins games; but watch out for Data Loop!