UKs Worst Adam

Terje 454

With Netrunner ending I knew I had to attend the last official UK Nats and try for the coveted prize that is Top Adam. Things did not go to plan...

There were three Adam players, and we all ended on 8-6, but my strength of schedule and a timed win gave me the honour of being the worst of us.

I went 7-5 and then ID’d in the last round as I was knackered and hung over. Adam beat Azmari, Jemison and Mti, and Engolo was MVP for me outside of the FtT + RNG combo.

My favourite play of the day was thinking I had found an out after being hit with 2 x Economic Warfare into HHN. Leaving me on 4 credits and needing to clear 3 tags to survive as I knew the corp had HPT ready. I realised I could get in to RND for 1 bad pub, and use RNG Key to go up to 7 creds. so I happily run RND only to find Too big to Fail, which of course has a trash cost. So all RNG key does is enable me to trash the damn thing, and I ended up losing 2 credits net and got killed next turn. #Adam_problems

Second favourite moment was running archives against Argus and finding 3 Breached Domes. I was not ready for that.

The deck is just an update of New World Adam, with Engolo added as a faux AI. It won me the games against Azmari and Jemison. I think I would drop the Multithreaders, but don’t know what I would add instead.

All in all I had some brilliantly fun games on the day, and I'm glad I decided to rep Adam at the last ever official tournament in the UK, even if it also makes me the worst Adam player in the UK in perpetuity.

26 Aug 2018 Virulent

In the other featured ADAM deck there was a suggestion to drop the Multithreaders for Datafolding due to the synergie with Brain Chip - so that might be an option.

26 Aug 2018 pord

Was great to see you there again. Keep up the adam :D.

I thought I was going to be last and my only hope was a sweep in last round which I got. So lucky.

27 Aug 2018 Terje

@Virulent I've considered that, but not entirely sold on it as I fear they might not fire that regularly with Engolo and RNG key being enough to turn them off pre finding any agendas. But without playing around with the inf I don't know what else you can fit that's useful tbh.

@pordAye great to see you too man, shame we didn't get to have an Adam-off :) Hah, I was just too tired to risk getting swept at that point, turns out 4 hours sleep before 7 rounds of Netrunner is a bad idea.