SYNC, click, click, Boom! (9th @ Dutch Nationals)

Saintis 387

SYNC is still strong. Boom! is great for killing runners.

Went 5/6 on the day, dropping a game against Elodius' Dyper deck.


  1. Win against Joyce on Andy

  2. Loss against Elodius on Dyper

  3. Win against Magnetar on Adjustable Matrix Kate

  4. Win against my brother (Hoclor) on Dyper

  5. Win against Jonny on Whizz

  6. Win against Praetor on Whizz

Biased Reporting was played once during the day for 4 credits (and 1 to the runner). Might change it back to Sweeps Week again.

15 Aug 2017 RvdH83

I played a similar build, but went 1-4 with it (first round bye). Lost to 2 Dypers (one of which was Elodius), 1 Kate with New Angeles City Hall and Film Critic (Magnetar) and a ┼×ifr-Whizz. I had a lot of trouble finding Breaking News (and agendas in general) early enough.

I played -1 IP Block, +1 Resistor, -1 Turnpike, +1 Gutenberg.

Biased Reporting is great mid to late game, although if the game goes long you're probably screwed anyway. I played it twice. Once for +8 and once for +10 credits. I think a one-off is correct.