Remastered Brighton Tempo - 4th Bristol SC

emilyspine 1406

Bringing back Mike's tempo NEH from Belgian Nats with new Astro. Anyway I came 4th.

  • Round 1 - Won vs Johno on Strike Val

  • Round 2 - Won vs Agata on reg Smoke

  • Round 3 - ID. Played a friendly and lost to Chris Martin on Maxx with Hacktivist

  • Round 4 - lost to Alex White on Maxx with Hacktivist and Maw, RIP me. No big surprise there.

Runner was Apoc Val

  • Round 1 - won vs rigshooter Titan (2x Apoc)

  • Round 2 - won vs kill Outfit (3x Apoc)

  • Round 3 - ID. played a friendly and lost vs Extra Chris's Argus (1x Apoc, had the game locked and tried to get too clever)

  • Round 4 - won vs Alex White on Bristol Blue Sun (0x Apoc)

  • Cut game 1 - lost vs Chris Dyer on Bristol Blue Sun, the same list as round 4 (got to 6pts but 0x Apoc, border control and crisium everywhere)

  • Cut game 2 - lost vs same player as round 3 (0x Apoc, got rushed out despite 2x wanton)

24 Mar 2019 shanodin

I am Alice Rees and I approve of Tempo NEH

24 Mar 2019 emilyspine

@shanodin thank u my friend

24 Mar 2019 BlackCherries

Needs more Arella Salvatore! I've found it works really well with chaining Remastereds personally.

28 Mar 2019 RotomAppliance

Congrats on making the cut!