One Winged Doof (2nd, Australian West Nats)

Inactivist 405

It's Sable. It does the Sable thing. Except I didn't play a Deep Dive all day, so go with one of the others that has better draw. Or Hoshiko with asset tech, probably.

With apologies to the Asa players for windmill dunking their decks and to Morgan for beating them to best Sable by .2 SOS.

With thanks to @grombatmole for putting me up, @Jinglis93 for running an amazing tournament, and really the entire city of Perth with the specific exception of Varsity bar and their unreasonably spicy wings. @slobbermcgee did an amazing job hyping playing Doof louder than the bar full of hockey watchers.

See you at the other half of Nationals. And then setting up the inevitable Intranational Showdown with David and the Sydney winner.