Tag em and Bag em (euro)

pord 29

Took to euros!

Round 1: MaXX God of War - Timed loss. Saw him running Tag me God of war... he kept tags low to start with but then I started to see his trashing of Levy... Same old on board... Best Defenced it... Woop... MaXX trashed his other one.... ok fine... He has 2 cards... no money... lucks a SSL early in game... I can just boom when it comes around or score out behind Ice when I get them up.... Times up.... NNNOOOOOoooooo. If I had the time it was a win without too much of an issue.

Round 2: Exile - Win. Strange to play against Exile, don't see it often. However I scored out fast enough behind ice so he couldn't do anything.

Round 3: Val Win- Exchange + score out.

Round 4: Omar - Win. BOOM thanks to with Prisec and forced.

Round 5: Adam - Loss. No ice + adam make easy picking agendas. Took out Find the Truth asap with Best, but couldn't find ice and he was managing to clear enough tags to stop boom in hand. Eventually he scored out from HQ.

Round 6: Geist - Win. 5min round HHN + Boom

Round 7: Opponent Dropped

Round 8: I dropped to drive home at 11pm