Fancy Goldberg (5th @ Euros)

Angedelo 1352

This is my twist on rude goldberg hayley. The core of the deck is much the same as the original and to be honest that shell is strong enough that the deck is good whatever extra stuff you throw into it. I’m not going to do a huge write-up but i’ll touch on a couple of card choices in case anyone is interested.

I opted to drop to 3 cams to fit in hostage as DJ Fenris is the most important card in the deck and i won’t ever go back - the way you lose is by not getting set up fast enough and this just fixes that problem.

Cyber Cypher should be Engolo it was fiddly to have to move it around all day. I wanted to be as fast as possible and cycy is so cheap and strong that you can contest early scores with it and not get rushed out. But the utility of engolo is just to good to pass up. It’s the one change i would immediately make.

Forger is there to stop you losing to any sea source EOI stuff, QPM behind raven cheese, or SIU judge stuff while you set up. You have to concede the first few points and let the corp get their econ online while you get going so you can be vulnerable early. I didn’t use this on the day but it has been clutch in testing and i just didn’t face any tag shenanigans on the day.

Pelangi & ankusa is your late game lock mechanic. Once you have a ton of money and more of it on tap you can lock the remote and start to dismantle it to completely disable the corp’s ability to score out from their remote - this plus clot lock puts the game in your hands and then you just need to find the points to close the game.

Which leads to top hat. This is utterly crucial... okay no it was a last minute include. It was actually pretty sweet on the day - closing out the game can be slow with this deck, where you have them on lock but there are no agendas on top and time is running out. I tried kyusyuk but hated drawing it early and its hard to keep a reasonable amount of 1 cost stuff on the table at the same time for it. Turning Wheel is an influence I just don’t have spare so i tried top hat, and it was pretty good! 0 cost hardware is always welcome in this deck and when you know there isn’t an agenda on top you can just run and see a different card. Often you have the money to just hammer R&D late and this lets you do that without it being a dead card early.

Anyway, it’s quite rude and the games can often turn into just waiting for your opponent to concede which sucks in casual games but for tournament play I think this style is right up there with best runners.

3 Jun 2019 Saan

So you said you got 5th overall, but how'd the Hayley deck specifically do for you?

3 Jun 2019 Angedelo

4-1 overall, lost in the cut to the eventual champ. Very tight game where I saw top 5 of R&D on the last turn to win and whiffed. Deck still felt great in that game, just lost a close game to a great player.

3 Jun 2019 Saan

Awesome. I love this kinda deck, so I'm super glad it was working well for you =)