🔥 'Mach 2' BoatBlades (🥇 & 4-1 @CASCADIA'23STARTUP)

xFWx FIREBIRD (aka FireRL) 750

🔥 Captain's New Boat-Blades 🔥

The Boat Captain is back! This is my The Automata Initiative evolution of 'Mach 2' Boat with a couple new wishes...

🧠 Core game plan: Step 1 "Install-Boat; Run-Remote." Step 2 R&D lock with Boat + Conduit. Step 3 assemble your Mach-2 rig.

🃏 Card choices (new from the previous version):

  • +1x AirbladeX (JSRF Ed.) & -1x Hush… It was a rowdy discord channel when I mentioned that I was cutting Hush from Control Padma, but I chose Blades as a more flexible and less click-intensive option that handled most of the biggest "problem" ICE in favor of 1 influence... They can also be charged via Padma, and they offer Jinteki: Personal Evolution-tech
    • -1x Hippocampic Mechanocytes… Because the Blades solve some of the grip-threatening issues Hippocampic was standing in for, I decided to cut it #slots #reaperisntreal
  • -1x Buzzsaw & +1x Unity… Similar to Hush, I cut the 2nd Buzzsaw in favor of 1 influence. This had some additional benefits too, because I gained a boost-friendly back-up breaker in case I lost Turbine (or really needed the MU for double Paricias) or in case I encountered a Stegodon MK IV deck
  • +2x Bahia Bands… One thing about Shaper is Big Rigs take a significant number of s to build. Bahia Bands not only compresses ~3-5 actions into 1 allowing you to set up the Big Rig faster while simultaneously charging Boat and drawing while you do it, they also have huge game vs asset spam and/or taggy Corps allowing you to do significantly more in 1 turn than usually anticipated (this is important because tagging--tax is real)
    • -1x Dr. Nuka Vrolyck… Because one of the default modes of Bahia Bands is drawing 2 cards, I decided to cut 1 Nuka... I'm not certain this was a correct call (especially in Padma), but #slots

Additional considerations:

  • I really wanted 3x Bahia Bands, but slots are hard & influence is tough. You could consider swapping the 2nd Cleaver for a Propeller instead of or as well as the Buzzsaw cut, but that's untested and may be risky in a Retribution-happy meta. Theoretically, if you draw the Propeller first, you should be fine using it alongside Boat for runs until your Cleaver arrives
  • You could also repurpose you influence and swap Boat for Hermes
    • I'm just kidding. Don't do that


Swiss (2-1):

Top-4 Cut (2-0):

The cut matches after R1 can be viewed here @ 05:55:00!

❤️ Thank you Radiant & Whiteblade111 for developing & hosting (along with the rest of the incredible staff and NSG's influence/support) the 1st inaugural Cascadia event! It was a Joy Ride to have the American Continental Championship earmark its beginnings, and an honor to have it in our little corner of the world. Truly a Banner year! May Cascadia flourish and be an event that continues to create remarkable memories every year for netrunners of near and far!


🪦 Tithonium. While you were hated by most, you were <3ed by me. Your blood may have been spilt, but you will be avenged.